Iced Earth // Iced Earth (30th Anniversary Edition) // Album Review

Iced Earth has been one of the leading titans in the heavy metal scene for well over 30 years & they are celebrating with the re-release of their debut self-titled album featuring a high-class remastering courtesy of Zeuss (Overkill, Queensrÿche etc.)

By listening to this album you can see the path Jon Schaffer wanted to forge for Ice Earth, by becoming one of the best & consistent heavy/power metal bands around!

This remaster will please any early Iced Earth fan but I feel this also will bring any metal fan who hasn’t given Ice Earth the listening & time they deserve.

Just from the first spin this album sounds like it could be released today by any upcoming band, the musicianship is unprecedented, the vocals are fluid & so dynamic. They bring nostalgia vibes but also paint images of epic battles & heroes riding steeds through the wilderness, which is what we want from power metal right? I know I sure do.

Gene Adam the vocalist for Ice Earth only on there first demo & this self-titled gives this album what it needed, bringing all the traits of classic vocalists to the table but adding his own attitude & presence.
“Classic Metal” vocals can be hit or miss for some fans of metal but for me when done right they really shine!

Think of the greats, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie Dio, they all bring something to the table, I feel Gene Adam does this, Iced Earth has had some great vocalists over their discography, but Gene Adam was able to set the bar high and 30 years later that bar is standing strong.

“Written on the Walls” & “Life and Death” stand up till this day as some of the classic Iced Earth tracks & hearing them get a brilliant remix & remaster is such a great thing! The original album sounded brilliant but being able to bring this album to 2020 standard is fantastic! Where some bands earlier catalogue may for slightly short you can’t say Iced Earth were top tier from the very start!

For anyone who is a fan of that solid & heavy classic metal genre, you will love this!

If you want to hear how Iced Earth formed their now monumental sound or are a newcomer to the classic metal/power metal sound this will be right up your alley.

Joseph Mitchell

ICED EARTH line-Up (on this recording):
Jon Schaffer – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Gene Adam – Lead Vocals
Dave Abell – Bass Guitars
Mike McGill – Drums
Randy Shawver – Lead Guitar

1. Iced Earth
2. Written on the Walls
3. Colors
4. Curse the Sky
5. Life and Death
6. Solitude
7. Funeral
8. When the Night Falls


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