Ice Nine Kills // The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT) // Album Review
Ice Nine Kills // The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT) // Album Review 8
Ice Nine Kills // The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT) // Album Review 8
Ice Nine Kills // The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT) // Album Review 8
Ice Nine Kills // The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT) // Album Review 8
Ice Nine Kills // The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT) // Album Review 8
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Like clockwork, Halloween is quickly approaching us for yet another year. Alongside the ghosts and ghouls that are going to be upon the land of the living is only a short time, the music industry’s biggest horror nuts, ICE NINE KILLS latest release shall be joining them. 
The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT) is the latest release from the Metalcore 4-piece. The album is a re-release of the band’s 2018 album The Silver Scream. Boasting 6 new tracks including one new original song, a cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and 4 acoustic versions of tracks from the standard album. So, what does the re-release bring to the bloodied table? 

Starting with the new song from ICE NINE KILLS, we have Your Numbers Up, based on the cult classic horror film Scream. The song can be described purely as more of what came before. It’s got filthy riffs, amazing vocal performances and an insanely heavy breakdown. On top of this, the lyrics copy the influences style of parodying the album slightly and referencing the band throughout the song as well as elements of the movie. 

Moving onto Thriller, if the band bases their entire catalog of songs around horror films, of course, the song they cover would be this. It’s an okay cover, while it’s listenable, it just does nothing for me personally and is forgettable in the grand scheme of things. 

The next part of the re-release is the acoustic versions. First up is A Grave Mistake, recorded live from SiriusXM. Spencer’s talent as a vocalist shines through here incredibly well and is a much welcome take on a song I’ve listened to more times than I can count. 
Secondly is Stabbing In The Dark. This is the weakest of the acoustics in my opinion. The band tries to replicate the vocal sounds of the original track while also adding in a western touch to the guitar work. While it’s not bad, just listen to the original version. 

The third acoustic track is Savages. With some fantastic guitar and vocal work, the band has taken a singer-songwritter approach with this song. With it being a much more mainstream song on the album originally, it fits surprisingly well and is a great new version to listen to. Finally, we have the acoustic version of Thank God It’s Friday. This feels like someone is singing a campfire horror story to you. It’s an effective way to tell what is one of the more overlooked stories of the slasher craze and is worth listening to. 

With all re-releases, the question to be asked is does it add enough to make it worth actually re-releasing? Personally, I feel it is. While there’s only one truly new song, Your Numbers Up is fantastic and that alone makes it the definitive way to listen to the album. While the cover honestly adds very little, the acoustic versions are also great touches and with the album being released just before Halloween, what better time to dive into an album that’s an incredibly well-written love letter to horror. 


The Silver Scream is released Friday, October 25th via Fearless Records.

Review: Daniel Stapleton


ICE NINE KILLS will release the ‘Final Cut’ edition of The Silver Screamon October 25 via Fearless Records. The album will include four acoustic renditions of songs from The Silver Scream with guest appearances by Matthew K Heafy from Trivium and Ari Lehman, who played the first Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th. It also features a thrilling cover song and a brand-new number that pays homage to Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher masterpiece, SCREAM.

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