Icare – Swiss Blackened Grind Group Share Entire New Album “Charogne”

Icare – Swiss Blackened Grind Group Share Entire New Album “Charogne” Via Invisible Oranges
Today, Swiss blackened grind four-piece group Icare share their entire new album “Charogne”, just one day ahead of the release date, tomorrow May 6 via Hummus Records.

The full album is now playing at Invisible Oranges, who commented “With Charogne, Icare have not only managed to replicate the nuance and minutiae from one history’s greatest poems, by one of art literature’s greatest minds, but they’ve also managed to write a dynamic and damn fine extreme metal album as well. You did Baudelaire proud, fellas.”

Listen to “Charogne” in its entirety here.

Inspired by Charles Baudelaire‘s poem “Une Charogne”, the follow-up to their critically-lauded debut album “Khaos”, was composed in order to be a complete and immersive live experience, whereas the previous effort was a more intimate album to be experienced at home, so Icare crafted a whole single track lasting more than 40-minutes. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

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