I Am Pariah - Procreate//Annihilate - EP Review
I Am Pariah - Procreate//Annihilate - EP Review 9
I Am Pariah - Procreate//Annihilate - EP Review 9
I Am Pariah - Procreate//Annihilate - EP Review 9
I Am Pariah - Procreate//Annihilate - EP Review 9
I Am Pariah - Procreate//Annihilate - EP Review 9
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I Am Pariah ​​are storming the music scene with their latest EP which is due for release on the 30th November. The three piece from Stoke-On-Trent have created a technically strong sound that is their own and have already received praise for the last single “Heavy in Japan”.

Procreate//Annihilate ​is 4 tracks of heavy metal that while pulling from the bands influences is still something very new. This bands sound is clearly very technical, as the guitars heard throughout with the riffs are heavy yet show some real talent. The first track and single “Heavy In Japan” is the perfect example of this but also showcases the talents of vocalistBenjamin Antony James.​​ He is easily able to change his vocal style from melodic to a hint of screaming. His melodic style holds resemblance to that of ​Andy Black​​ (​Black Veil Brides​​) but his changeover makes it very much his own style. Another big highlight off this EP is “Big Shot” that takes on a darker side of this band. The opening chorus holds this dark almost demonic sound whereas the chorus holds what could be classed as a lighter sound in comparison but has that very melodic feel that the band has showcased works so well for them. Each track hold its own story though, showing how the world around us has taken darkness and violence as a normality. The writing takes on a more sophisticated look compared to tracks about love and heartbreak and allows this band to outlet their frustrations instead while still being great heavy rock.

I Am Pariah​​ have shown that they are a strong band with this EP and with sounds that can be compared to ​Papa Roach ​​and ​Avenged Sevenfold​​, there is plenty of space for them to be who they are. If a four track EP can be this strong, they are a band to keep your eyes on for the future.





1. Heavy In Japan
2. A Place To Belong 3. Cult Society
4. Big Shot

I Am Pariah is:

Benjamin Antony James – Vocals / Programming Dave Snell – Bass / Programming
Steve Westerholm – Guitar


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