I Am Destruction // Nascency // Album Review
I Am Destruction // Nascency // Album Review8
I Am Destruction // Nascency // Album Review8
I Am Destruction // Nascency // Album Review8
I Am Destruction // Nascency // Album Review8
I Am Destruction // Nascency // Album Review8
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Originally formed as a one-man project by Stephen Mashburn, the band from Dallas and taking the Texas scene by storm, I Am Destruction took around 7 years to release the debut EP, Violence Devours which was released in March 2018. That 7 years, however, was not wasted, as the band opened for acts such as Archspire, Arkaik, and Cattle Decapitation and following the release of the EP, the band played a number of dates with Ingested and also performed at Bay Area Death Fest in 2018.

So here is the debut release by the now 4 piece band and for those who may not have got the gist of the kind of band that I Am Destruction are by the bands that they have played with, they are a Brutal Death Metal band that enjoys making music that is hard and heavy and is full of Technicality and Extreme tendencies as they push the boundaries of brutality.

The intro to the album contains a female screaming and male voice explaining what he is trying to do to do like the dark and down-tuned sound of guitars begin to take over in a slow-paced march begins before a screech to match any from extreme music welcomes us properly and the drum begins to turn up the heat.

As ‘Propagated By Abnormality’ continues this twisted sludgy riff a gruff and deep vocal begins to take over whilst the drums lead the pace as it goes between this doom style pace and a regular Death Metal beat. You can just feel that things are going to get darker and as the album progresses, we experience a Slam sound along with blast beats. This combination of a slower beat that explodes at times adds to the heaviness of the offering and keeps you on your toes.

As we get to ‘Consequent Forfeiture’ which is an instrumental offering that displays just how Brutal the music alone is, if you hadn’t realized already, I Am Destruction is a band that is not just here to make up the numbers as the Technicality and crushing power just flows unrelentingly.

This 10 track offering is as good a debut album as you are likely to hear and is certain to push the band firmly into the limelight and gain a serious following as the 37-minute experience rips and bludgeons the hardiest of Brutal Death Metal fans.

Ed Ford


Nascency will be released April 24th 2020 via Unique Leader.


Track List

1. Primo Incisum
2. Propagated By Abnormality
3. Ruinous Phantasm
4. Burgeoning Adversary
5. Divine Infestation
6. Consequent Forfeiture
7. Existence In Decay
8. Gehenna’s Beckoning
9. Dolor Perdition
10. Nascency





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