Hyro The Hero Releases New Single “We Believe” Feat. David Draiman + Music Video!


Last month Hyro The Hero released his latest single titled “We Believe,” featuring David Draiman via Better Noise Music. Watch + listen to the video for track here with Hyro and Draiman representing the duality of our daily lives. With hard rock and hip-hop co-mingling more than ever before, the time feels right for Hyro The Hero.

Speaking about the song Hyro states, “It’s actually about hope. We all have decisions to make. Everybody pulls you one way or the other. You have to pick the lesser of two evils in all situations. While Draiman says of the collaboration, “I’m incredibly honored. Hyro is a truly amazing artist and I had a blast working with him. This track is exactly what the world needs right now. It’s time to believe again.”

  • For Fans Of: Rage Against The Machine, Fever 333, Cane Hill, Run The Jewels

  • “We Believe” was recorded by Matt Good who has worked with Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, From First To Last, The Word Alive + more.

  • Hyro The Hero has received acclaim from the likes of Kerrang!, The BBC, Revolver and Afropunk while Alternative Press named Hyro The Hero as one of “19 Underrated Bands From The 2010s Who Deserve Another Listen.”

  • While the video for “We Believe” explores the world’s struggles, the final message is one of not only revealing the fear, anger, and intolerance of humanity’s worst, but also reveling in the joy, love, and power of change through humanity’s best.


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