Hypocrisy // Worship // Album Review


With 30 years of experience and 12 albums under their belts, Hypocrisy has terrorised the masses including via live performances across the globe.

Founded by Peter Tägtgren and creating the demos himself, Peter invited fellow musicians to complete the lineup and since then there has been a steady flow of melodic heaviness that began with the debut album Penetralia, through the likes of The Fourth Dimension and Abducted before reaching the previous album End of Disclosure.

So how does Worship match up to the predecessors?

The title track opens proceedings and following a little acoustic action the album erupts with deep riffs and explosive drums that are matched by a traditional Swedish Death Metal style vocal and holy fuck, it sounds good.

The aggression is joined by harmony and a groove but when it’s wound up, you just want to get violent! The pace hits thrash levels and the force that is pushed down your ear canals caused you to lose balance and become disorientated.

Don’t think for one second that this is going to get any easier either. The crushing weight of this stunning Death Metal is going to test the most hardened of fans of the genre and bring great delight to the purists as well as open the eyes of newcomers to the genre.

 Sometimes the description ‘heavy’ is thrown around like confetti, but when you press play on Worship you will understand where it really does describe the music perfectly. As the guitars slice and slash away with surgical precision, the drums rattle your spleen the vocal grates at your eyes. This is exactly what death metal should sound and make you feel.

It is clear that the band have not lost any of their love for making crushing music and top drawer Death Metal, really showing some of the less experienced bands how it’s done and when it’s done to such a level, the fact that you can enjoy genuine longevity with your band.

Hypocrisy have managed to produce another blistering album that has everything that you could want from an album that sits within the more aggressive brackets of music and is one that will be o heavy repeat for a lot of people.

Worship continues to display the importance of Hypocrisy to the genre and we all should all be grateful for the band and their contribution to the momentum of death metal.

Track List

  1. Worship 4:43
  2. Chemical Whore 5:19
  3. Greedy Bastards 4:03
  4. Dead World 4:09
  5. We’re The Walking Dead 5:19
  6. Brotherhood Of The Serpent 4:23
  7. Children Of The Gray 5:16
  8. Another Day 3:11
  9. They Will Arrive 4:25
  10. Bug In The Net 4:51
  11. Gods Of The Underground 4:48






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