Hybrid Spirits Drop Charity Single ‘Rain or Shine’

Unsigned British band Hybrid Spirits (based in Birmingham and Pontefract) released ‘Rain or Shine’ on 17thJuly 2020 to raise money for people across the globe who are affected by Covid-19.

Available at £1.50, people can buy an uplifting song AND raise money at the same time! ‘Rain or Shine’ by Hybrid Spirits can be purchased from: www.hybridspirits.bandcamp.com.

The upbeat song echoes feelings of solidarity and togetherness during the Covid-19 pandemic.It is an uplifting song of hope and sunshine combining powerful electronic music with driving guitars.It includes messages of positivity such as “Come rain or come shine with all the love that we feel inside”, “Gather round your people and face towards the sun” and “We’re so much stronger together”, along with pauses for reflection between verses and choruses.

Paul Kirk (guitar & keyboards) says “Although some lockdown restrictions are being lifted here in the UK, the threat of the virus is still very real. There are communities across the globe where people cannot self-isolate, which puts them at severe risk. Covid-19 does not discriminate.”

Nigel Rooke (keyboards) says “We are limited as to what we can do to help because of lockdown restrictions. However, we love to write music and think it’s a great idea to raise money for overseas organisations who can directly help people in crisis.”

Voodoo Jade (vocals and lyrics) says “Music is universal, and so is the need for support. Not just in the UK. Sadly I cannot do what the amazing Captain Sir Tom Moore did to fundraise for the NHS as I have prosthetic legs which blister a lot. However, I can sing and write lyrics, and I have put my heart and soul into this song so that we can raise money to cheer people up whilst fundraising at the same time. The song was recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic and is about the same subject.”

Supporters of the campaign are invited to donate more than the cost of the song if they would like to. The band has decided not to produce a physical CD at this time, in order to keep production costs down.

The release itself has been affected by Covid-19. Hybrid Spirits decided to become members of the Performing Right Society in May, just before the single was ready. Unfortunately, the PRS have been on lockdown, hence the delay in releasing the single.

Hybrid Spirits will donate 90% of income received* from sales on Bandcamp to The International Committee of the Red Cross following their “Covid-19 Emergency Appeal” to raise 800 million Swiss Francs to assist the world’s most vulnerable. Their appeal can be seen at :https://www.icrc.org/en/donate/covid-19-emergency-appeal.Many thanks for spreading the word and for your support, and remember that we’re always happy to do phone/internet interviews whilst socially distancing!

*Only proceeds from Bandcamp sales (after distribution costs and transaction fees) qualify for charitable donations. Streams on streaming sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc do not qualify. More details are on the Bandcamp link. Proceeds will be donated on 31 January 2021 and 1 May 2021. Funds raised will be posted on social media. Purchases made after 30 April 2021 do not qualify for charitable donations. If the ICRC reach their donation target before these dates, then we will donate money to a different ICRC appeal.

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Website: www.HybridSpirits.co.uk

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Twitter: @SpiritsHybrid

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