Humanity’s Last Breath - Abyssal - Album Review
Humanity’s Last Breath - Abyssal - Album Review10
Humanity’s Last Breath - Abyssal - Album Review10
Humanity’s Last Breath - Abyssal - Album Review10
Humanity’s Last Breath - Abyssal - Album Review10
Humanity’s Last Breath - Abyssal - Album Review10
10Overall Score
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This is the crushing sound of a million nightmares having night tremors and is not for those of a nervous disposition.

Having been disturbing the musical world since 2009 in Helsingborg, Sweden, Humanity’s Last Breath released Ep’s Reanimated By Hate in 2010 and Structures Collapsein 2011, their self titled debut album was unleashed on the world in 2013. Taking things a little slower, 2016 EP Detestor continued the punishing before single ‘Abyssal Mouth’ was released in 2017 and allowed the time until Abyssalwas ready to destroy with its huge sounding, sadistic feeling and utterly terrifying extreme sound.

Opening up with ‘Bursting Bowel of Tellus’ the onslaught begins immediately and the Technical collisions of chords commence as the drums kicks in to lead the march between rapid rate and a slower pace, as the atmospheric effects and samples kick to add some added unsettling sounds. The vocal is deep, methodical and unnerving and if you are not rocking in a corner yet, please continue on this terrifyingly fantastic journey.

‘Bone Dust’ picks up with the effects and the utterly devastating sounds that will continue to haunt the psyche as this Technical, crushing example of extreme music relentlessly destroys anything in its path, the listeners resolve included.

By the time we get to ‘For Sorg’ we are halfway through this 12 track beast however please don’t think that this gets any easier, even though this track is an instrumental offering that almost acts as an interlude, by now we know that this is just a mental game trying to get us to let our guard down before ‘Like Flies’ chops us back to earth swiftly with its utterly shattering sounds.

By the time ‘Dödgurd’ arrives to signal the imminent end of the 47 minutes of devastation, the Choral vocal does nothing to calm the frayed nerves as the feeling of impending doom builds inside and the bile begins to boil, for good reason too. This closing track is there to shatter any mental fight or physical strength left in the body by creating a Technical instrumental that would make the most hardened man shudder. By time the silence kicks in and you realise the enormity of what yo have just heard, you find yourself pressing play again.

This is a massive success for music, creating something as disturbing as it is huge and extreme as it is technical. Abyssal is an all body experience that contorts the mind and makes you question everything you though you knew.


Ed Ford


Abyssal is released August 2nd2019 via Unique Leader Records


Track List

  1. Bursting Bowel of Tellus
    2. Bone Dust
    3. Fradga
    4. Abyssal Mouth
    5. Pulsating Black
    6. For Sorg
    7. Like Flies
    8. Sterile
    9. Being
    10. Vanda
    11. Rampant
    12. Dodgud




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