Alt-metal crew HOUSE OF HATCHETS have been pricking ears and making waves
with their immensely electrifying sound that brings to mind everyone from
Killswitch Engage, Slipknot and Deftones to Funeral for a Friend. The
irrepressible riff merchants have just unveiled a new video, Burn – and the single is now streaming via all
platforms.  The Scottish hard-hitters will unleash their hotly-anticipated
debut album, Reach, this Spring.

Hailing from Edinburgh and comprised of Chris Allison (Vocals), Pete Cook
(Bass), Frazer Parker (Drums), and Jamie Parker and Lewis Wheeler (Guitars),
HOUSE OF HATCHETS revealed their engrossing debut EP, The Grind, in the
Summer of 2017. Mixed and mastered by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the
Horizon, Bullet for my Valentine, Monuments), the record secured positive
attention in both the US and the UK. Scottish DJ and journalist Jim Gellatly
(Amazing Radio) also championed the band in the Scottish Sun, citing that
they deliver “Explosive noise with monster riffs, but bursting with pop

In support of The Grind, the emerging quintet extensively toured throughout
Scotland, sharing stages with the likes of Silverstein, Holding Absence,
Lotus Eater, and Employed to Serve, to name a few. Throughout 2018 the
industrious outfit worked once again with Romesh Dodangoda, as they
tirelessly crafted their debut album. The record, entitled Reach, will land
later in the Spring and will be backed by a slew of UK and European dates.

One of the key highlights of the album is the band’s current single, Burn.
The track acutely demonstrates their growing maturity and depth. With an
ultra-hooky refrain and stout riffery framed with intricate passages, the
single is destined for widespread consumption. Vocalist, Chris Allison,
discusses the motivation and lyrical meaning of the track: “It’s about
obsession, lust, and wanting, to the detriment of yourself. A nihilistic
love song of self-immolation. It was a tough thought line to follow because
there is no peace in the lyrics, no redemption. We’ve all felt pangs of
jealousy, possessiveness, and desperation. This song is these things turned
up until you can see and hear nothing else.”

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