Horror Pain Gore Death Productions set to release RUIN Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2 on July 24
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to release the new collection from Death Metal serial killers RUIN. Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2 is up now for pre-order and will be released July 24 on CD and Digital formats, along with t-shirts and bundles.
RUIN needs no introduction. Slaying forth their brand of crushing Death Metal terror, Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2 is a continuation of their ominous and blood soaked legacy. Eighteen songs of previously released madness now all on one CD compilation! Heavy as fuck. Dark as fuck. Unrelenting…… DEATH METAL CULT ETERNAL!
For fans of Abhorrence, Anatomia, Autopsy, early Bolt Thrower, Cenotaph, Cianide, Crematory, Demigod, Disma, early Grave, Rippikoulu, Rottrevore and Undergang.
Stream album track “Leaves From The Tree Of Death” athttps://youtu.be/32e8Sd9W1Lk
Pre-save this release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. at https://ffm.to/ruin
Pre-order Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2 on digital and CD at https://hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/plague-transmissions-vol-2
1. Into Endless Chasms
2. Manifestation
3. Crushing Insects
4. Deep Wounds
5. Where Monsters Hide
6. The Weak Will Hang
7. Crushed By Depths Of Darkness
8. That ‘Holy Spirit’ Feeling
9. Orgasmic Catharsis
10. Leaves From The Tree Of Death
11. Pulverize Remains
12. I Love Blood
13. Stab Wounds (1,821,914)
14. Burnt Bone And Ash
15. Trapped In Relentless Terror
16. Starving Dementia
17. Humiliation At Birth
18. Eternal Curse Of Rotten Beings
Plague Transmission CD / T-shirt bundle pre-orders: HERE
Death Metal Cult CD / T-shirt bundle pre-orders: HERE
Rotting Mouth CD / T-shirt bundle pre-orders: HERE

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