The Finnish doom cultists of HOODED MENACE have revealed a new line up which marks the return of their old drummer Pekka Koskelo. Below you can find an extended comment where HOODED MENACE enlighten their choice of line-up and the recent decision to stop performing live. 

“Since we quit performing live, at least for now, we have decided to move our head-quarters (read: rehearsal place) from Helsinki back to Joensuu. This means, quite naturally, the return of our old drummer Pekka Koskelo to Hooded Menace! Now that the band is more studio-focused, it is tentatively agreed that guitarist Lasse Pyykkö will be handling all bass duties from now on, just like he did on the latest album “Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed” and on most Hooded Menace albums in general. Teemu Hannonen continues on rhythm guitar and Harri Kuokkanen as vocalist of the band.
We would like to thank drummer Otso Ukkonen and bass player Antti Poutanen for the talent and enthusiasm they’ve put in the live shows and we wish them nothing but the best in the future. Both guys will focus on their other bands, Otso with Krypts and Antti with Devenial Verdict. Keep your eyes peeled for their future endeavors! 
Of course, we’ll consider anyone talented and suitable enough as a full-time or live-bassist, if the right person comes our way in Joensuu area. Since we´re not planning on performing live in the near future, we are not actively searching for anyone at the moment. 
When it comes to Hooded Menace live shows…. never say never. With the right timing and offer, there’s always a chance, but currently we’re more than happy to focus on other things. Thank you for reading!”


HOODED MENACE have released their new album, ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’ on January 26th, 2018 and is streaming in full at the link below.

The artwork of ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’, which has been created by Adam Burke (SÓLSTAFIR, PORTRAIT), can be viewed below.

HOODED MENACE album cover
1. Sempiternal Grotesqueries (10:38)
2. In Eerie Deliverance (7:05)
3. Cathedral of Labyrinthine Darkness (7:23)
4. Cascade of Ashes (6:43)
5. Charnel Reflections (7:48)
6. Black Moss (2:21)
Total playing time: 41:58

Doom has always been a style for a rather select but also very dedicated audience. Among the aficionados, HOODED MENACE have quickly become a household name for authenticity and excellence.

With their upcoming fifth album, ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’, the Finns continue to impress with immaculate songwriting skills and the perfect balance between harsh death metal fuelled outbursts and exquisite melodic melancholy.

HOODED MENACE were formed in Joensuu, Finland in 2007 by guitarist Lasse Pyykkö, who had also performed in the Finnish cult death metal band PHLEGETHON. The band has always avowed to the strong influence by early CANDLEMASS and CATHEDRAL as well as PARADISE LOST, AUTOPSY, ASPHYX, and WINTER. Their lyrics are often inspired by the classic 1970’s Spanish horror movie series ‘The Blind Dead’.

HOODED MENACE recorded a 2-track demo, ‘The Eyeless Horde’ in 2007, which was released on 7″ the following year. Their debut album ‘Fulfill the Curse’ was released in 2008 and the highly acclaimed sophomore full-length ‘Never Cross the Dead’ came out in 2010. HOODED MENACE remained in a highly creative mode and delivered ‘Effigies of Evil’ in 2012 and their latest milestone, ‘Darkness Drips Forth’ in 2015. With a penchant for classic vinyl, the Finns also released several split singles and EPs for example with ASPHYX and COFFINS.

HOODED MENACE toured in Europe and North America, and performed at many major metal festivals such as Hellfest, Roadburn, Maryland Deathfest, Tuska, and Party San Open Air among others.

Now the time has once again come, when HOODED MENACE unleash skeletal horror and sombre despair onto their craving audience. The dead shall ride on ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’ and the living shall rejoice!

Style: Death Doom

Recording line-up
Harri Kuokkanen: vocals
Lasse Pyykkö: lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar, bass
Teemu Hannonen: rhythm guitar
Pekka Koskelo: drums

Current line-up
Harri Kuokkanen: vocals
Lasse Pyykkö: lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar
Teemu Hannonen: rhythm guitar
Otso Ukkonen: drums
Antti Poutanen: bass

Guest musician
Jemma McNulty (COLTSBLOOD): female voice on “In Eerie Deliverance”


Booking contacts 

Recording: Horrisound Studios, SF-Sound Studio, Blue Room, Orgone Studios

Jaime Gomez Arellano
Kimmo Perkkiö (drum recording)
Matti Reinola (vocals session)

Mix & Mastering: Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios

Cover art: Adam Burke


Available formats
Digipak CD
Gatefold LP in various colours

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