The details of the long-awaited new album by the fantasy metal band HOLY SHIRE are unveiled today. Successor of the lucky “Midgard”, the new album will be titled “The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest” and it will be released for the British label Heavy Metal Records on the next October 26th.

It’s the second album for the band: ten new songs anticipated by an intro, recorded and mixed at the Noise Factory Studio in Milan, while the master was entrusted to Mika Jussila – Mastering of the Universe of Finnvox Studios in Finland, which has at his active works with prestigious bands such as Nightwish, Eluveitie, Finntroll and many others.

Composed with the new line-up that sees Kima Chiara Brusa on flute and Frank Campese on guitar, who have contributed to enriching this new chapter with different nuances, as well as new and precious collaborations including four female special guests on vocals, that will be unveiled soon. But it did not end here.

Artistic production of three songs and symphonic orchestrations were followed respectively by Masha Mysmane, well-known leader from the band Exilia, who allowed to grow in composition and arrangement of the whole album and to centre better the values of the 3 selected songs (Danse Macabre, The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest, At the Mountains of Madness).

Federico Maffei from Folkstone took care of the second part, adding the “fantasy breath” to many songs, with some exceptions where keyboards and orchestra were already defined (The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest, At the Mountains of Madness, Princess Aries, Ophelia).
The artwork, like all Holy Shire graphics, was made by drummer Maxx. Always passionate about the fantasy world, he often reproduced and sculpted dragons and fantastic animals. “We wanted to re-propose his graphic style in this album, in order to give an idea of continuity and evolution with respect to our previous album: in music as in graphics, if before the snake dragon Jormungand that wrapped Midgard would before face the mighty Thor when he wakes up, now the dragon is on top of the pages of a book full of stories, which are the themes of the songs contained in the new album The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest: such as the dragon, fantasy, mythological stories and the imaginary world, that accompany us and inspire us once again to make us scream: Follow the Dragon!

The songs are inspired by fantasy themes (The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest, The Gatherings inspired by The Lord of the Rings) with some historical suggestion (Ludwig, Danse Macabre) and some ideas that come from the contemporary (Princess Aries, The Lake), but the narration is still maintained in the imaginary world.

This is the tracklist:
1. The Source
2. Tarots
3. Danse Macabre
4. The Legendary Shepherds Of The Forest
5. Princess Aries
6. Ludwig
7. At The Mountains Of Madness
8. The Gathering
9. Hell
10. Ophelia
11. The Lake

“The Legendary Shepherds Of The Forest” will be presented on the same day of the record release, on the next October 26th at Legend Club in Milan, with Foredawn as opening act and other very special guests. The live line-up has been enriched by the new entry on lyric and clean vocals Claudia Beltrame.
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The band was founded by Max (drummer) in October 2009 with the aim of writing and performing original metal music with a symphonic and epic inspiration and fantasy lyrics.
In the summer of 2010 we added female backing vocals and flute to the initial line up of five elements (vocals, drums, bass, guitar and keyboard), essential addition to give our music a taste of magic and fantasy, and then we recorded the first demo of 6 tracks. In autumn we played at Celtic New Year’s Fest in Milan (an important Italian folk festival – “Capodanno Celtico”).
In January 2011 we recorded the last song we composed, “Holy Shire”, included in the compilation distributed with “Rock Hard” Magazine in May 2011 with the interview of the band. Among the several shows done, a very intense and unique one was the concert for the inmates of the Jail of Milan Bollate, in March 2011. Shortly after we added a second guitar to the line up, that became of 8 members . On July 11 we got back to the studio to record an EP, “Pegasus”, which is freely downloadable from FB and two videos, “Moonrise” and the cover of the traditional song “Greensleeves”, available on YouTube.
After composing 7 new songs, in May 2012 we recorded our first album “Midgard”. On July 2012 we were selected with “Greensleeves” for the new version of the unsigned bands contest Rock (r) Evolution by Vasco Rossi. Unfortunately the competition was suspended. At the beginning of 2013 we changed some members and a new bassist and an Argentinian opera lady singer joined the band.
On April 2013 we shot the new video used to launch the single “Winter is coming”, loosely based on Game of Thrones’ fantasy saga. In March 2014 we signed with Bakerteam Records for the distribution of our debut album “Midgard” and planned its launch with video and important concerts such as the Masters of Rock in Czech Republic, Metal for Emergency playing as opening act to Mago de Oz, Unicorn Fantasy Festival in Vinci (Tuscany) and Lucca Comics & Games.
We shot a second video for the song “Bewitched (My Words are Power)” from “Midgard” inspired by the character of the red witch Melisandre (Game of Thrones). At the end of 2014 we joined the roster of Bagana Rock Agency and announced that a new singer joined the band following the departure of former vocalist, as well as our former flutist, replaced by a new lady flutist in 2015.
In 2016 we continued the live promotion of “Midgard” in clubs and festivals. In May 2017 we started recording the second album, with the production of 3 songs by Masha Mysmane (Exilia), shot the new video of the future first single. End of September we mastered the album @ Finnvox Studio and start chasing for a new label contract. The new album will be named “The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest”, contains 10 new songs inspired by fantasy themes but also by historical suggestions, and there are 4 guest lady singers duetting with Aeon.

Line -up:
Massimo  Pianta  –  TheMaxx  –  Drums
Erika  Ferraris  –  Aeon  –  Dragon  Vocals
Claudia  Beltrame  –  DeepBlue  –  Unicorn  Vocals
Andrea  Faccini –  Andrew  Moon  –  Guitar
Frank  Campese  – Guitar
Piero  Chiefa  –  Blackbass  –  Bass
Chiara  Brusa  –  Kima – Flute

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