Hollywood Undead // Loathe // Live Review // O2 Academy // Leeds
Hollywood Undead // Loathe // Live Review // O2 Academy // Leeds
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It’s a mild evening and we’re back at the O2 Academy in Leeds for another rock show. Tonight sees ​Hollywood Undead ​headline with support from ​Loathe​. It was bound to be quite the party with these two bands taking over the stage and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

As 8pm rolled round, it was time for the Liverpudlian ​Loathe ​to kick things off. From the point they hit the stage, they made sure to bring the energy as body’s could be seen dancing and spinning against the strobe lighting. As they worked through their set, there was quite a few fans joining in with them. The energy levels were off the chart as they brought their fusion of Metalcore and experiemental elements to the fore with a highly charged performance. A band making serious waves with their unique recording approach and sound make for a powerful and engaging set live. The guys dropped tracks of their debut LP A Cold Sun as well as thei most recent Split EP with Holding Absence their Sharptone Records lable partner. The band also made sure to interact with the crowd helping up chants of “Hollywood” on support of the headline act. They also showed they weren’t afraid of the fans as frontman headed into the crowd to truly bring an interactive experience to the fans. It was certainly a good start to the night.


An hour later and it’s time for ​Hollywood Undead ​to take control. Heading to the stage and kicking off work “Whatever it Takes”, there was just a mild disappointment that the band had taken the decision not to sport their masks but that was soon forgotten about with the huge amount of energy and fun that they brought instead. With the second song “California Dreaming” bringing confetti streamers and pyro sparklers on stage, this was a clear sign of the party yet to come. By this point it was time to head back to the bands roots as the crowd became highly excited with “Undead”. If the crowd wasn’t singing before they were now!

As the set continued, the band took is on a journey through the last 10 years of music, with hits such as “Been to Hell” and “Dead Bite”. With so many of the band, the only difficulty was who to keep your eyes on and as took over the stage and command the crowd. To keep them on their toes the band brought up a fan to the stage for “Coming In Hot” for a guest guitar spot. The lucky fan chosen seemed to suddenly be hit by stage fright, but the band supported him and he stuck it out staying on stage for the entire track with a guitar. By this point it was time to really get the crowd lifted and partying with “War Child” getting them jumping up and down. As the set continued there was more pyro and confetti showing the guys in ​Hollywood Undead​ are still all about the party as their songs suggest and want a good time.

In a very clever move, the last two songs of the night and the encore were fan favourites, “Day of The Dead” and “Everywhere I Go”. This had the crowd riding on a high to end the no longer sleepy Sunday night.

With a few more nights left on the tour, if you haven’t picked up tickets yet, you’ll be missing one hell of a party.



Review: Emmie Ellis 

Photography: Mark Ellis / Shoot The Groove 



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