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Back in August last year, Hollywood Undead released their 8th studio album ‘Hotel Kalifornia’ and received much acclaim for this. The album highlighted the current crisis’ of not only their home state but the world hitting home hard for many of us. Since this release, the band have been working hard on 5 new tracks and in the band’s, style are now releasing the Deluxe version of this album to include these new tracks.

It’s been an enjoyable experience to listen to the original album in full again however it’s the 5 new tracks which are grabbing my attention. The first of which is “Evil” which from the first notes grabs you in close. The catchy chorus at the start is exactly what we know of this band before the hard-hitting rap kicks in. The track is very much old-school Hollywood Undead as the rap and chorus complement each other bringing together the best of both the band’s styles. “Salvation” however very much focuses on vocal singing rather than rap. The more melodic vocals take a darker look at human survival in today’s world. As we move through to “Ransom”, there is that well-known upbeat melody that pulls you in at first with another catchy chorus however the lyrics themselves focus very much on the state of the world now and the Governments responses. Taking that upbeat ‘bouncy’ sound further is the next track “Break on Through”. Instantly the track makes you want to move and nod your head as the super catchy rap takes hold. There is something much more uplifting about this track with its anthem-like chorus that will no doubt go down well once the band takes these tracks live. Closing the album and the new tracks is “House of Mirrors” and this is as close as these guys get to the ballad-style tracks incorporated on most albums. The track is not the usual style that we have come to know from these guys as they collaborate with Country/Rap artist Jelly Roll and there is a deep haunting quality to this that really makes you think about the track, closing the album perfectly.

Overall, these 5 new tracks are a fantastic addition to the band’s already successful album. They take the themes already expressed in the original version one step further while keeping hold of that individual style that is instantly recognisable as Hollywood Undead. The album is not a new direction for the band as they keep the Hard Rock/Rap style they’ve mastered over the years but is a continuation of who these guys are as a whole as they push the boundaries of genres and look deeply at our society through their music.


HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD – Hotel Kalifornia DELUXE is released April 28th courtesy of BMG


Review: Emmie Ellis

Album Artwork

Track Listing:
1. Chaos
2. World War Me
3. Ruin My Life
4. Hourglass
5. Go To War
6. Alone At The Top
7. Wild In The Streets
8. Dangerous
9. Lion Eyes
10. Trap God
11. Happy When I Die
12. Reclaim
13. City Of The Dead
14. Alright
15. Evil
16. Salvation
17. First Class Suicide
18. Ransom
19. Break On Through
20. House of Mirrors (Ft. Jelly Roll)


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