Hollis Brown - Ozone Park - Album Review
Hollis Brown - Ozone Park - Album Review 9
Hollis Brown - Ozone Park - Album Review 9
Hollis Brown - Ozone Park - Album Review 9
Hollis Brown - Ozone Park - Album Review 9
Hollis Brown - Ozone Park - Album Review 9
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When you think of Mascot Label Group you think immediately of the likes of Joe Bonamassa, Robin Trower, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the likes. Blues infused genius and six-string wizardry in abundance. Lately, though the winds of change have brought us from Ohio Metalcore acts like Nine Shrines to L.A. based guitar shredders like Paul Gilbert.

However, we now have the release of native New York act Hollis Brown dropping June 7thwith a debut release Ozone Park under their new label partner. HB is a totally different bag from the aforementioned artists, but none the less exotic by any means. Ozone Park is a beautiful album rich in melodic quality, which immediately hits you right between the eyes as each song just flows effortlessly from one to another.

I spoke recently with Mike Montali, frontman of HB who made it perfectly clear that these guys had grafted, earned their shot and are still working off their asses to make HB something really special in this modern day business we call show. You can hear that through the emotive lyrics, poignant songwriting and beautifully delivered musicianship reminiscent of the likes of The Black Crowes, and bands of old. It’s an honest outpouring of emotion by a band that has stayed true to their roots and not tried to sell out, for your hard-earned money you’ll get yourself some honest to god salt of the earth craft.

Each song is a rich, intricate and carefully assembled piece that you can just lose yourself in, a light and easy on the ear recording that carries you far away from the daily grind and hustle and bustle we endure, instead, you’re enveloped in a warm fuzzy breeze that only Ozone Park can deliver.

A beauty from start to finish, Ozone Park could be the summer album of 2019, you heard it here first kids.

Ozone Park is Out June 7thvia Mascot Label Group / Cool Green Recordings.


  1. Blood From A Stone
    Stubborn Man
    3. She Don’t Love Me Now
    4. Do Me Right
    5. After The Fire
    6. Forever In Me
    7. Someday Soon
    8. The Way She Does It
    9. Bad Mistakes
    10. Go For It

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