Ho.Bo – New Single “Lord, Please Tell Us The Truth” Feat. Tom Portman Out Today

New Single: Lord, Please Tell Us The Truth (Ft. Tom Portman)
Out now

New Album: A Man With A Gun Lives Here
Release Date: 2nd October 2020

Ahead of their new album release, Italian folk-blues six piece Ho.Bo. is excited to release their new stand-alone single Lord, Please Tell Us The Truth, featuring Tom Portman. You can listen to the track here.

Lord, Please Tell Us The Truth,is taken from the band’s first EP2/10, and it’s presented now in a darkly enticing alternative version, created in collaboration with the Irish dobroist and lap steel guitarist Tom Portman. Performer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Portman has been praised by critics, colleagues and fans alike; Tom has an incredible wealth of experience under his belt, having performed alongside: Brother Dege, Roesy Charis, Peader King, John Connelly, Magda Piscorczyk and John Smith.

The song is a doubtful journey into the religious dogma, taking place in a gloomy soundscape: a dark canvass upon which are layered strokes of warmer and intimate shades of sound and lighter timbric colours.

Ho.Bo comments: “The collaboration with Tom Portman started almost as joke. We saw some live video of Brother Dege and were extremely impressed by Tom. We immediately got in touch with him to work on a collaboration for a re-arrangement of a track from our first EP 2/10Lord, Please Tell Us the Truth.  This version was initially created for an acoustic set we should have played in Milan, and then the pandemic happened! Eventually we got to the studio e recorded the new arrangement with cigar box, electric guitar, vocals and drums, to which Tom added an intro on the lap-steel guitar, to lead the track towards a more bluesy soundscape. We were super enthusiastic about how the song was developing, and got even more excited when Carlo Barbagallo (producer at Noja Records) added a simple, almost distant, bass line. With this new version, Lord truly represents the essence of the band: collaboration and sharing of experiences put at the core of the music making process.”

(photo credit: Lara ZacchI)

Ho.Bo formed in 2017 as a creative project by musicians who wanted to pursue their own sound. The band’s unique take on folk and blues clearly transpires from their debut studio album 2/10, released in February 2019 via NostudioRecKono Dischiand La Mansarda. The band created an unusual blend of deep blues and alternative folk, with Southern nuances and occasional bows to singer-songwriters style. The album was created and developed with an old school approach, recording all the tracks in analogue with original tape.

The band comments: Ho.Bo, comes from Homeward Bound, it’s a journey in which musical adventures and outside contaminations play the prime part. Genres and experiences are collected during endless cultural voyages and elaborated with personal sensitivities. “Dark-folk”, “swamp blues”, “alt-country” o “Americana” are only but a few of the ingredients constituting this uncommon recipe.

Ho.Bo is: Samuel Manzoni (vox, acoustic guitar), Andrea Bertoli (piano, farfisa, wurlitzer), Filippo Sperotto (lead acoustic-electric guitar), Mattia Rodighiero (drums), Marco Tommaso (banjo, bass, harmonica), Edoardo Perona (electric guitar).


  1. Hoboes That Pass In The Night
  2. Prairie-Dogs
  3. Falling Down, Henry
  4. In Cold Blood
  5. A Tiny Man Called Smith (ft. Swanz The Lonely Cat)
  6. Summer Clouds
  7. Psalm
  8. The Curse Of Peak Hill
  9. Bones Orchard

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