• Brazilian-born, NYC-based, Down-Tempo, Electro-Pop artist  Carvi takes her worldly experiences and showcases her mutli-genre sound on her new EP, Fuel the Crazy, out today. “She’s captivating audiences with her multi-genre sound and impeccable vocal prowess. Her lyrics cover universal topics including life and love.” (PopCulturalist)The album examines many tribes and tribulations of everyday life, and it takes listeners on a journey through the ins and outs of love. Carvi believes the world is charged by two forces: love and fear. This album is a mix of both.   A world-traveler from a young age, Carvi seeks to explore music in her own way, crafting her own sound, combining   Pop, R&B, EDM, Hip-Hop and Brazilian sounds/lyrics.Now residing in NYC after a stint in Los Angeles, Carvi has solidified her down-tempo/electronic pop sound. LISTEN TO FUEL THE CRAZY
  • Beijing-raised, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and composer Fay Kueen (Chinese name: Wang Feinan / 王斐南) has spent the past ten years caught between continents, cultures, and careers, preparing to release her debut album A Place Called Home is Not a Place, on December 6, 2019. Fay announced her video “Atmospheric Zebra,”  which ” makes a clear delineation between Kueen’savant-garde sound and her struggle for naturalization: disorienting turns, barriers, moments of confusion and panic followed by long stretches of uneasy silence.” (Audiofemme)   She  composed, arranged, performed, and produced all the songs on the album, working with Guangzhou-based producer Mark Lee to mix and master the album. A Place Called Home Is Not A Place observes human life from the out-of-body perspective of someone without a place, inspired by psychology, dream analysis, astrology, and surrealism.  WATCH “ATMOSPHERIC ZEBRA” 
  • El Paso-based, Indie/Rock ‘n Roll quartet FOXY MOJO (please write in all caps) announce and invite listeners to “STAY FOXY,”  with their new video, “Till the Morning Light” ahead of their sophomore album REVIVAL, due out February 2020.  “‘Till The Morning Light’ wastes no time getting you amped up and when the catchy guitar-licks kicks in you have no choice, but to tap your feet with vigor. ” (Pancakes and Whiskey) The album title acts as both a summary of the band’s journey from misfortune and as a mission statement to their goal of “reviving” an ever-loved yet left behind era of indie rock now swallowed up by synth and upbeat summer tunes. With festivals like SXSW and Street Fest, and numerous local shows under their belts, FOXY MOJO are ready to take their music to an even larger fanbase. REVIVAL  took root with singer Tristian London composing songs on his iPhone’s well-known recording app Garageband. “Their mixture of indie and straight-up rock and roll is both modern and retro but never stale…If this tune doesn’t make you want to rip around a race track at top speed then you best check your vitals.” (Pure Grain Audio ) WATCH “TILL THE MORNING LIGHT”
  • Orchestral indie-pop duo, The Brilliance, announce their single, “How Do We Know,” ahead of their sophomore album Suite No. 2: World Keeps Spinning: An Antidote to Modern Anxiety, due out January 10th, 2020. “The song seamlessly goes between drumless lilting verses to high energy, more traditional sounding rock chorus. ” (Surviving the Golden Age)  Recently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Chill Hits as well as several other Spotify editorial playlists, The Brilliance gets 600k+ Spotify listeners per month — and their first album, The Dreamer Suite has already amassed millions of streams on both Spotify and Apple Music, as an independent release. The Brilliance are creating what they call “art that inspires empathy”, releasing their songs in a series of “suites” – songs and pieces united by a theme – that invite others to listen with them.    Listen to “How Do We Know”  


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