HIGH NOON KAHUNA Premieres “Good Night God Bless” From ‘THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED’ – Out 5/17 on Crucial Blast!

HIGH NOON KAHUNA Premieres “Good Night God Bless” From ‘THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED’ – Out 5/17 on Crucial Blast!
Crucial Blast Records and High Noon Kahuna are excited to present “Good Night God Bless,” the latest single from the upcoming album, This Place is Hauntednow streaming exclusively at THE OBELISK.

High Noon Kahuna is a power trio of veteran heavy musicians from Frederick, Maryland, with Tim Otis on guitar (Admiral Browning), Brian Goad on Drums (Internal Void / The Larrys / Nagato), and Paul Cogle on Bass VI and Vocals (Black Blizzard / Vox Populi / Nagato / Slagstorm). These three gents have known each other for years and have always supported each other in their respective bands.

At the start of 2022, they were given a fortunate opportunity to jam together, which they seized with all hands. And jam, they did! When like-minded musicians converge, something magical happens. By bringing years of influence and admiration for all musical genres, the band created an unusual style of their own. High Noon Kahuna is back in 2024 to present their second album, This Place is Haunted.

This collection of songs captures the raw vibe of their last album, Killing Spree, while expanding on the band’s diverse corners of influence. Spanning the genre sphere across Surf, Western, Deathrock, Noiserock, Punk, and Psych, these songs show HNK at their most aggressive, as well as most ethereal, spacey, and gothic. All the songs on the album came from unrestricted jamming over the last 20 months. In fact, the very first notes and beats the three members ever played together was an instantly exciting song that is captured on this album (Brand New Day).

Before entering the studio, roughly 80% of the songs were solidified, and most were played out live; the other 20% were based on free-form jams in the HNK archive and re-created on the fly, pseudo improv style. The band partnered with Kevin Bernsten and Developing Nations for recording, as they did with Killing Spree. His studio provided a vibe that sparked their creativity and gave them freedom to work at another level. Working with Kevin on this album was a creatively liberating experience; his knowledge, gear, recording space, and ear allowed the band to get wild. Final mastering for This Place Is Haunted was completed by the ever-inventive James Plotkin at Plotkin Works. The album’s stirring cover art was created by HNK’s own drummer, Brian Goad.

A punk rock flurry with surfy vibes and a soft gooey center – Aggressive AF with a message of positivity, This Place Is Haunted is set for release on May 17th, 2024, on CD, cassette (vinyl TBA), and digital.

Stream “Good Night God Bless” exclusively at THE OBELISK:

A choice excerpt from JJ Kozcan:

“…while This Place is Haunted doesn’t linger in any particular aural locale for too long and with 12 cuts included there’s no shortage of jumping around from place to place — to wit, “Prehistoric Love Letter” picking up after “Lamborghini” with Torche-style uptempo heavy rock reimagined as Chesapeake emo/post-hardcore with shared vocals from Otis and Cogle and the subsequent “Good Night God Bless” burning the ground with feedback before slamming into its densely-weighted roll with shouts cutting through, angular twists of effects and whatever else that is, and a bombast that gives over to residual noise, drone and buried voice(s) to lead into the aforementioned addled sway of “The Devil’s Lettuce”; or, you know, the rest of the thing — when taken as a whole, in a single dose, the album’s cohesion comes in part from its willingness to be itself apart from outside expectation, the imaginary limits of style, and, in the true spirit of Maryland’s doom underground, the direction of trend.”


May 15 – Crucial Blast Listening Party – 7PM EDT RSVP at:

High Noon Kahuna:
Tim Otis: Guitar
Brian Goad: Drums
Paul Cogle: Bass / Vocals

Upcoming Live Dates:
May 23 – Asheville, NC @ The Odd
May 24  – Richmond, VA @ Another Round
May 25 – Staunton, VA @ The Brick
May 26 – Lexington, KY @ Green Lantern
May 28 –  Washington, DC @ The Pie Shop
Jun.  23 – Frederick, MD @ MARYLAND DOOM FEST (Local Release Party)

Crucial Blast is stoked to announce that we are joining forces with longtime friends HIGH NOON KAHUNA on the release of their second album, This Place Is Haunted. Harder, darker, but also brimming with haunting melody, the Maryland band features former members of Internal Void, Vox Populi and Admiral Browning, executing an incredibly infectious mix of classic noise rock and psychedelic crunch.

The twelve songs on Haunted are on a whole new level from the band; this rumbling riff-beast brilliantly evokes everything from pummeling Am Rep abrasion, soaring Hawkwindian space rock, haunting post-punk, Dick Dale-on-acid licks, doses of massive doom-laden crush, and even wisps of classic Morricone moodiness and some hammering QOTSA-esque groove.

Easily one of the most unique bands ever to emerge from the DC/MD area, KAHUNA is weirder, heavier, and catchier than ever before, and C-BLAST is incredibly excited to bring this banger to your ears.”



This Place Is Haunted – Tracklist:
01. Atomic Sunset
02. Lamborghini
03. Prehistoric Love Letter
04. Good Night God Bless
05. The Devil’s Lettuce
06. Brand New Day
07. Midnight Moon
08. Sidewalk Assassin
09. Mystical Shit
10. Tumbleweed Nightmare
11. Flaming Dagger
12. Et Ita Factum Est
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https://twitter.com/HighNoonKahuna https://twitter.com/HighNoonKahuna
https://www.youtube.com/@highnoonkahuna https://www.youtube.com/@highnoonkahuna
https://open.spotify.com/track/2MjEMqSZoyFQKidi0j7gGS https://open.spotify.com/track/2MjEMqSZoyFQKidi0j7gGS
I just love it when a band comes along who, regardless what kind of music they play, simply defy boundaries and genre rules. They do what they want and how they want to. Being unshackled like this creates great music, even moreso when the band members are such accomplished musicians…as the guys in High Noon Kahuna are!” – The Ripple Effect

This is the kind of music that would give your car an extra hundred miles even when you have run out of fuel.” – Stoner Hive

To bottom line it for you… there are two things you need to know. One, the band isn’t a joke. Two, they pull it off. I’ll not predict where they might go from here, end up in terms of sound or songwriting or style or anything else, but not knowing that is part of what makes the material so exciting, since the potential avenues spread out like the stinging tentacles of some giant prehistoric jellyfish.” – The Obelisk

…starts out light and breezy before developing a sense of anxiety as it slows down and becomes more discordant into a sort of doom phase, then turns into pure noise in the last minute or so. …If you like surf but want to see it a little more deconstructed, you’ll want to check this out.” – New Noise

Doom Charts #21 Nov. 2022:
HIGH NOON KAHUNA will have you vibin’ with sinister beings and conniving energies long after the noodle arms kick in, all while looking cooler than Bodhi! Killing Spree is wicked fun, long may it be the soundtrack to your summers!“- JC Cansdale-Cook