Hertzen – The New Album “Ananke” Is Out Now

Hertzen – The new album “Ananke” is out now


Hertzen electronic duo just released their new album, Ananke. The record was anticipated by the single “Save me” and it was immediately a huge hit among insiders and fans. The Italian-Brazilian duo worked extensively on this project to present the best version of each song to the crowd.

“Ananke”, in ancient Greek religion, is the goddess of destiny, unalterable necessity and fate. Hertzen have enclosed in the title all the meanings of every and each single song on the album. There are eleven tracks including rearranged and more complex versions from three songs released in 2019; we are talking about Free, No Time and Younder and Yore. All the songs moves in an electronic sound mixed with a rock character.

The title of the whole album hides multiple meanings, but it remains a perfect summary of the contents of the eleven tunes.

“A name that better expresses how we worked on the album, that is, with that unstoppable strength to which, for better or worse, it is hard to resist. Ananke means necessity, and for us, necessity means Music. It all leads back to the severe inexorability of the ananke, something  we can only surrender to.

It is a mutual care, but aimed at reassuring us, hiding the anguish. We live clinging to that instant emerged from the abyss each of us is. We seek the meaning of life, but we are unable to enjoy it (as a moth does)”.

Ananke is not a record for everyone. Outside the rules of the mainstream, Hertzen only release music in which they do feel mirrored. Music that borns from the depths. Despite being a record for the “chosen few ones”, the lovers of the genre will not remain indifferent to the 80s synthesizers and to the deep and compelling voice of May Rei.


Save Me: The song is about the disappointment in a relationship. About the fear of starting over and  the choice to remain alone, while free. It was born as a technopop work, then evolved into a more complex structure, based on a dialogue between two acoustic drum sets, bass, Mellotron sounds and energetic, sequenced synthesizer sound.

Ride: It invites you to never stop fighting for your rights and to be more aware of your decisions and choices. A modern and swingy version of the 80s post-punk, characterized by a blend of distorted guitars, dance beats and effects.

No Time: There is no time to remain indifferent. We must react. Distorted guitars, strings and electro beats (which recall the funk of Rio’s slums), they reflect that strong sense of drama and urgency that drives you to act and make your voice heard.

Fools for Love: As in ‘Save Me’, we talk about a difficult relationship, lived between expectations and reality. It speaks of the courage to regain one’s independence and desire to move forward. A melodic 80s dancefloor technopop style with a psychedelic guitar riff.

Daring Girl: To express yourself, you need courage. And to do this you have to break down stereotypes and defend love in all its forms. A 70s old disco porn soundtrack mood presenting wah guitars, Clavinet,bass and a mix of acoustic and electronic drums.

Free: It tells about the force of nature, a symbol of freedom constantly threatened by man. A nature that knows how to protect us, but that also knows how to rebel.

Younder and Yore: Talk about the agony and awareness of the passage of time. Memories of the past, the inability to have control over our lives. Electronic drums, bass, electric piano and guitars refers to Motown style and Philadelphia Soul , even with a contemporary and decisive style.

Heaven: Talk about death as an inevitable process, (almost) welcomed with serenity. A pain that makes you grow while bringing grasp. This gives a meaning to life, in spite of our thousand doubts and thousand personalities. Characterized by an electro funk beat with a little twist of a jazzy rhythm.

Lost: A piece that recalls a completely Lynchian style, not always logical, unpredictable, confused, not surprisingly, inspired by the film ‘Lost Highway’. A piece that you could hear by chance on the radio, at night, in the car, in the lights of the city. Cinematic, jazzy, Surf Rock / garage psychedelia from the 60s.

Lullaby: An invitation to listen to a lullaby that evokes feelings of apparent calm. A tribute to the style of Bandalamenti.

Holy Mary: Born during the hardest days of the pandemic. It tells of the unstoppable desire of man to seek answers, of a desperate need for save ourselves from the uncontrollable events of life. Fear of the unknown finds peace in art. A mix of 80’s post-punk and 90’s funk-o-metal.


Hertzen is an electronic duo composed of May Rei and Self. Two very distant realities that got together in Germany. May Rei is Italian, of Apulian origins. She has experience as a singer in several groups, till everything changed when a used synthesizer came into her hands. At that moment May Rei understood what the direction of her music would be.

To make this desire more concrete came the talent of the producer and musician Self, Marcelo Ribeiro Dias, from Rio De Janeiro, known in the local electronic dance scene of the 90s. They immediately found themselves on the same wavelength and thus the Hertzen project was born. May Rei convinces Self to join her in Germany and so in 2018 the duo released their first two albums: “Chotuskone”, “Messages From The Past” and “Younder and Yore”. They are tireless and the following year two more songs “No Time” and “Free” are released.

At the same time May Rei founded her own independent label, Einklang Records, and in 2020 she released her first solo album “Epiphany”. Despite this small solitary parenthesis, the Hertzen never stopped creating.

Over the past two years the duo have worked tirelessly to present their new project to the public. On July 14, 2021, the new Hertzen album “Ananke” will be released in physical and digital format, while the audience won’t have to wait that long. “Save Me”, the first single from the album, will be released on June 15th.




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