Hell’s Coronation // Silver Knife Mysticism // EP Review


Hell’s Coronation are a Polish two piece who appear to have taken on the challenge of making the most Satanic and Black of Doom Metal.

When an EP of 3 tracks lasts nearly 20 minutes you know that this is going to head into some dark and moody places that you probably ever though existed, but here are Zepar and Coffincrusher to push all known boundaries and make you question so many things about what you thought you knew.

Opening track ‘Mephistophelic Baptism’ open with gothic moans before the rumblings of drums and downtrodden guitars take you on a black and disturbing journey. If you thought that you’d experienced blasphemy and disturbing themes, then think again as what you are now experiencing will push you to further levels.

You feel your soul begin to rot as the track progresses and the guitars drone becomes constant and unnerving. The drums rattle through your bones and flakes begins to fall from the surface. If you have any arthritis, the vibrations will continue to irritate and push the condition into a worsened state.

As ‘Under The Wings Of A Mortal Aura’ this 9 minute epically shuddering beast is one of the most disturbing and satanic offerings that might ever be experienced. The acidity of the venom and bile that is spat down your ear canal is painful as it burns all the way into your brain and you lose all feeling as the central nervous system is slowly cauterised by the burn.

The final track ‘Summoning The Cursed Miasma Of Hell’ is a shorter and more symphonic offering but that makes it no less disturbing or unnerving. The approach is different, but the outcome remains as disturbing as it comes.

Whilst this EP only comprises of 3 tracks, the impact that they have are as destructive as you are likely to hear and the levels of Doom and Black Extreme music really will push the boundaries of what you are comfortable and capable of listening to.

I urge any fans of this music that would most would be questionable to give this destructive and Satan powered EP a spin.

Ed Ford

Silver Knife Mysticism will be released 18th December 2021 via Godz Ov War Productions.



Track List

  1. Mephistophelic Baptism 07:54
  2. Under the Wings of A Mortal Aura
  3. Summoning the Cursed Miasma of Hell



Hell’s Coronation // Silver Knife Mysticism // EP Review
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