HELLDOWN firmly map out their agenda in the shape of their mesmerising
sophomore EP, In Deaths Hands, out everywhere on Friday 17th January 2020.
Prior to the EP release, the emerging thrash metallers have just revealed a
lyric video for the track, Mortal Shell – https://youtu.be/frbZepF2jWc

With a strong affinity and affection for the back catalogues of Slayer, Thin
Lizzy, Pantera, Judas Priest, and Metallica, HELLDOWN serve up gratifying
thrash metal laced with true groove and venom. Originally conceived back in
2013, the quartet had some personnel changes that briefly derailed their
early trajectory. Now with a stable line-up consisting of blood brothers Ben
and Matthew Evans (respective Bassist/Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist), aided
by Ross Thomas (Drums) and with Lewis Larkman (Lead Guitarist), the band’s
reach is vast. 2016’s debut self-titled EP, along with 2017’s single, The
Watchers, have helped to create a strong buzz for the riff slingers
throughout the underground. Live performances with the likes of Phil
Campbell, Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed, Acid Reign, Triaxis, Malignancy and
Anti-Clone, to name just a few, have also greatly assisted in increasing the
band’s stock.

With their live reputation on the rise, aided by the group’s newfound
partnership with High Tide Booking Agency, HELLDOWN headed to the studio to
craft their next EP, In Deaths Hand. The band remark about the record:
“These four tracks are no strangers to our live sets. We were always told
that these songs are pinnacle moments in our set, and that they had to be
recorded. We went into the studio wanting an aggressive and relentless
sounding record. After the final mix, we felt we achieved something that
stands out in the crowd. There is something for everyone in this EP. We’re
really happy with the way it has turned out.”. Rightly so, the record is a
prime slab of thrash metal, showcasing four mammoth beefy cuts. The record
ejects potent sharp riffs and aggressive hollering that spews straight out
from your speakers. Entwined with unrelenting energy and sophisticated
dynamics, the band have created an EP that is destined to leave its mark.

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