Hellamor and Red Stone Chapel unleash crushing single from upcoming Split LP!

Hellamor and Red Stone Chapel unleash crushing single from upcoming Split LP!

“Major League Heavy Rock” out on April 9th via Go Down Records

Hellamor and Red Stone Chapel – Two of Germany’s meanest and sludgiest rockers are joining hands for a split LP, titled “Major League Heavy Rock”, to be released April 9th on Go Down Records! With raw and unpolished intensity, today both bands shared a first powerful insight of what to expect from their upcoming output.

Hellamor – Never Taught Me

“A song about unrequited sympathy and love in the childhood, written in the darkest hours of the vocalist’s life, the band made the soundtrack to it.”

Red Stone Chapel – The Paper King

“While it is true that the main purpose of lyrics is to sound cool, we actually think it’s integral that on top of that they should make little to no sense at all, if read soberly. Lo and behold, no fucks were given yet again on a rainy day in middle europe, when six so-called musicians came together and one eventually said: “The song’s name is the paper king.” “Well, that’s a shit name.” Said the others. Not that I care, actually. I don’t even know what that means. So it’s all according to plan.”


1. Fallen Saint (Hellamor)

2. Hourglass (Hellamor)

3. I Can Hear It (Hellamor)

4. Never Taught Me (Hellamor)

5. The Paper King (Red Stone Chapel)

6. Progress In Work (Red Stone Chapel)

7. Genius Junction (Red Stone Chapel)

8. Thieves In The Attic (Red Stone Chapel)

This split is something to give back to the people who can’t join gigs at the moment, it’s a sort of teaser for the things to come
“Major League Heavy Rock” will be coming out this Friday, April 9th, on Go Down Records and is available for purchase here:
Red Vinyl

Ralf | vocals
Nino | guitar
Klaus | bass
Adrian | drums

Dimi Tzouvaras | vocals
Nico Viehl | guitar
Dennis Barmbold | guitar
Jonah Schreiber | guitar
Christoph Beyer | bass
Kris Seibert | drums

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