HELL SPET release “Killer Machine”, an explosive concept album

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HELL SPET come back with a new album, a concept studied in every detail, which title already promises not to take prisoners. “Killer Machine” is the fifth album of the Italian 6-piece, an orchestra of crazy musicians who over the years has masterfully created their own explosive mix of punk, bluegrass and country seasoned with great personality, in the name of the need to make music with a strong character and the desire to set the stages on fire with explosive performances.

With this new chapter the band raises the volume of punk sounds to the maximum and includes new powerful elements deriving from the thrash metal soul that the six musicians have always skillfully slid between a banjo passage and a double bass rattlings, setting the timer to their dynamite record aiming to blow up the audience and at the same time leave it on the ground stunned.

However, the original core of the band’s sound is not lost, that American-style country/bluegrass of modern design, mixed with punk that would make Hank William III proud.
The punk metal shooting perfectly matches the sounds of US trademark traditional music, delivering us a record that in eleven tracks can enhance the melodies and riffs of any extraction within a compact, homogeneous, but also varied and fun record.
The album was produced by Giovanni Bottoglia, at the IndieBox Music Hall studios in Brescia, who was able to capture the different souls of the band, the record and above all the brave artistic intentions of the six-piece from Brescia, enhancing every nuance, which, was put on paper also visually thanks to the artwork by Tijuana Horror Club.

Hell Spet comment on the sound choices put into play by “Killer Machine”:

“Killer Machine’s sound is definitely the most aggressive ever produced by the band, the bastard son of the Bay Area thrash metal sound and a certain Californian hardcore punk. The folk matrix which we’ve known for is still thanks thanks to the mandolin, the 5 string banjo, the double bass and the acoustic guitar. Cannibal’s entry on drums is the real break with the past, combined with a strong dose of distortion and naughtiness on electric guitar”.

But it’s in the lyrics that the band goes further, giving birth to a complete and detailed concept album.

We asked for an in-depth explanation so we could fully immerse ourselves in this work:
The year is 2xxx

Planet Earth has almost run out of renewable resources and most of the population of the Third World countries has died after months of famine, epidemics and civil wars.

In 2xxX the first global war of the 21st century breaks out, the world’s capitals are destroyed, the sky is darkened by radioactive clouds and the few survivors find refuge in hive cities, megalopolises where hundreds of millions of people live: Jericho, Uruk, Yin Xu, Carthage, Tucson, Tikal, Boston and Babylon.

As the human race is in hiding and risking extinction, the machines take over and start to ruthlessly hunt down the survivors to enslave them. Yet, men’s resistance soon rises. 

Babylon, the world’s biggest fortified hive city is the head quarter of the global resistance. Meanwhile, the Killer Machine is the machines’ moving base, a huge nuclear-powered tank made of steel, biomechanical parts and almost the whole of Mount Rushmore.

The Killer Machine roams the world on its massive tracks, fuelled by the brain waves of thousands of prisoners who die in few weeks, drained by the effort to feed the machine with their psionic powers. 

The Resistance, however, has rediscovered the power of Animism thanks to a circle of shamans from all over the world, who came together in a monastery perched on the tops of the Himalayas. Their voodoo is able to reanimate the dead and make them fight alongside the humans against the machines.

Waves of refuges wander incessantly, governments no longer exist, and each city is independent. Only the Resistance can unite the human race towards its only chance of survival: to destroy the Killer Machine and to bring down the machines’ rule.”

The band presented Killer Machine on January 5th in a very attended concert at Latteria Molloy in Brescia, but is already announcing the dates of the tour that will take this new work live all over Italy, thanks to the renewed collaboration with Corner Soul booking agency. While the dates in the clubs will be revealed soon, Hell Spet has already confirmed two important appearances at important festivals:

Saturday 16/05/2020 MAI:ROCK, San Lorenzo, Bolzano

Saturday 11/07/2020 ROCK IM RING, Renon, Bolzano

Killer Machine invites you to let yourself go by the sound of a genuine and outspoken band, which will make you have more fun than ever and lead you in wild dances and machine gun blasts in the world they have created with this new phenomenal concept album. Arm yourselves with courage and let yourself go, there’s nothing to fear, just the desire to have fun until dawn, here and now!


  1. 45°32’20’’N 10°13’13’’E

  2. You’ll Fall

  3. Cyborg Genocide

  4. Time To Die

  5. Dirty Life

  6. Right Now

  7. Space Shuttle

  8. Killer Machine

  9. Rising From The Graves

  10. Don’t Look Back

  11. Back From Hell


    HellFred – Fede Cantaboni – Voce e Chitarra Acustica

    Nicco – Niccolò Papini – 5 string Banjo

    Symon Rose – Simone Grazioli – Mandolino

    Big Wolf – Feddo Guarienti – Chitarra Elettrica

    Biscio – Andrea Bresciani –  Contrabbasso 

    Michy Cannibal – Michele Saleri – Batteria








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