Hell-Born // Natas Liah // Album Review


After a long 12 years, the wait is finally over. The balance is about to restored as the band started in 1996 by Behemoth co-founders Baal and Les, the legendary Polish Black Metallers have returned to spread their darkness far and wide, with unparalleled force and darkness. They also retain the Behemoth link with guest vocals by Nergal in BlakK Metal.

As the album begins, the deep and disturbing guitars begin to summon the shadows with sinister riffs and an old school Black Metal vocal that spews bile and burns your ear canal as it descends into the body. The unquestionable sound of one of the most influential Black Metal bands is definitely welcome and begins to take you to the places that most people avoid.

As the album builds the depths of despair continue to get reach further into the bowels and the no nonsense sounds of darkness continues to impress as the combination of Thrash, Death and Black metal create something that turns a crucifix upside down and heats the doors of churches.

The 9 tracks are as wonderful, as they are sinister with the drone of the strings being matched by a high speed and high pitched drum that paves the way for the satanic lyrics to be powerfully presented in a form that he himself will hear them at same time you do.

The 45 minute album flies by as the high quality Black Metal transports you and takes over your body along with your thoughts for the entire time as the masters show exactly why their return is needed, not only for the Black Metal scene but also for music in general.

There is no denying that in these dark and frustrating times, people need an escape and people like me turn to music for that release from everyday life and pressure. There is no better or more successful place to escape to than ell done Black Metal, as the droning guitars attach themselves to your brain and the drums are like a speeding metronome, the hypnosis is complete with the vocal an you are completely taken over and under the spell.

Hell-Born have created one of those album that just takes you immediately and doesn’t let go, even after you have finished listening to, subconsciously reaching for the play button again. This is a success in every sense of the word and an album that will be as important as the band themselves are.

Ed Ford


Natas Liah is released January 26th 2021 by Odium Records.


Track List

1 – When You Are God

2 – Axis Of Decay

3 – Ye Olde Woods Devil

4 – Uroboros

5 – The Butcher

6 – Son Of Earth

7 – In God’s Death

8 – Soulrape

9 – Blakk Metal





Hell-Born // Natas Liah // Album Review
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