Heavy Latino Rockers from ¡Pendejo! reveal international conspiracy in new video


Heavy Latino Rockers from ¡Pendejo! reveal international conspiracy in new video

With the release of their new video for the song ‘El Rutger’, the third single from the album ‘Sin Vergüenza’, the Dutch band ¡Pendejo! brings a historical and international conspiracy to light.

Singer/trumpet-player El Pastuso accidentally discovered the plot that has been forged as early as the 1940s. In short, he claims that the abundance of blond-haired, populist politicians that make up the majority of today’s political headlines (Trump, Johnson, Le Pen, etc.) is a product of a breeding programme, in which Margaret Thatcher and Augusto Pinochet were brought together in 1943. According to Pastuso, this precise breeding conspiracy is the root of ‘The Blond Problem’ the world is facing nowadays.

The release of “El Rutger” coincides with the official release of the ‘Sin Vergüenza’ album in Mexico and Colombia (distribution by Casete), and also marks the digital release of the album in North-America

09.01 La Chaux-de-Fonds / Switzerland – Centraf Tropic
10.01 Luzern / Switzerland – Bruch Brothers
11.01 Lenzburg / Switzerland – Met Bar
12.01 Freiburg / Germany – Artik
16.01 Braunschweig / Germany – KUFA
17.01 Jena / Germany – Rosenkeller
18.01 Sittard / Netherlands – Volt

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