Heavy-Indie Trio Careful Gaze Share New Single and Coinciding Short Novel

Heavy-Indie Trio Careful Gaze Share New Single and Coinciding Short Novel

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The heavy-indie trio Careful Gaze from Minneapolis has shared their latest single “When I Leave,” presented with an intimately-shot video. The track is a conceptual song that coincides with the release of a short novel under the same title. Sonically, the track begins with somber, indie-pop sensibility before swelling into a post-hardcore assault.

‘When I Leave’ tells the story of Arbor, a young adult living in a dark and corrupt small town where people live to blend in and forget,” says vocalist/bassist Gabe Reasoner. “In the midst of preparing to leave this town, Arbor uncovers a crime ring with disturbing roots that has been silently controlling their town. Arbor finally faces the chance to make a difference in their life and the lives of others, but has to make a choice that may end with being buried – before they ever get the chance to leave. This is a story about love, loss, bravery, depression, and how they affect the people around you.

when i leave

Careful Gaze formed in 2013 and has released two full-length albums, I Understand (2016) and You Too Will Rest (2019.) They strive to talk about topics that are vital for the continuation of humanity – love, equality, and mental health. The first half of 2020 saw the release of three standalone singles from the band, “Goals,” “Thrones,” and “Sunrooms.”

Listen to the single “When I Leave” now on Spotify.

Read the short novel When I Leave now on Amazon.


the indie outfit have a calming energy in the beginning with sweet, airy vocals and simple guitar melodies. Then the song amps up with raw screams and cries reflective of hardcore musicians, flawlessly mixing two contrasting genres.
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