Heaven Shall Burn // Of Truth and Sacrifice // Album Review
Heaven Shall Burn // Of Truth and Sacrifice // Album Review 8
Heaven Shall Burn // Of Truth and Sacrifice // Album Review 8
Heaven Shall Burn // Of Truth and Sacrifice // Album Review 8
Heaven Shall Burn // Of Truth and Sacrifice // Album Review 8
Heaven Shall Burn // Of Truth and Sacrifice // Album Review 8
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The German Quintet, Heaven Shall Burn, are back with studio album number nine and this one is certainly not short of new material. Of Truth and Sacrifice has been split into two CD’s compromising of ten on one side, and 9 on the other, both not short on quality.

Opening up with Intro ‘March of Retribution’ before the hectic ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ comes thundering in, Marcus’ vocals brutally taking over and showcasing his range. A melodic sounding chorus switches things up and some great riffs and pounding drums bring this one to a close. 

Heaven Shall Burn continue their ferocity with tracks ‘Eradicate’ and ‘Protector’, some serious double bass pedal work in these and the entwining guitar melodies immediately hook you. ‘Übermacht’ continues the onslaught in their mother tongue and we then get to ‘Expatriate’ which doesn’t sound like a typical Heaven Shall Burn track, soothing and calming as a mixture of Piano and Strings start the journey, before giving out some passionate, energetic moments and at nearly nine minutes long, certainly one of the more epic tracks they’ve dished out. 

Onto CD two we go and typically we see lots of fillers on albums this long, but Heaven Shall Burn aren’t resting on the laurels, ‘La Résistance’ mixes heaviness very well with Techno beats, still as chaotic, still as savage as we like to see from the German quintet. ‘The Sorrows of Victory’ we hear clean vocals which aren’t something we are used to hearing from these guys, the build-up in the verses and chorus makes way to his crushing growling vocals as we get back into familiar territory. 

Sublime riffing in ‘Tirpitz’ showing tight musicianship and the frantic opening of ‘Truther’ make their way next and at no point are you reaching for the skip button. ‘Eagles among Vultures’ an intro with deep bass and drums as the song erupts as we near the end, before calmness and peacefulness, plus a few twists and turns end this epic journey with ‘Weakness Leaving My Heart’ 

Heaven Shall Burn has released an album bursting with quality and aggression, adding to their fine extensive discography. Creativity and great musicianship throughout, whilst nothing ground-breaking, solid and well-constructed and absolutely worth a listen.


Peter Watts


Of Truth and Sacrifice is out via Century Media on 20th March 2020


Track listing


1. March of Retribution
2. Thoughts and Prayers
3. Eradicate
4. Protector
5. Übermacht
6. My Heart and the Ocean
7. Expatriate
8. What War Means
9. Terminate the Unconcern
10. The Ashes of My Enemies


1. Children of a Lesser God

2. La Résistance

3. The Sorrows of Victory

4. Stateless

5. Tirpitz

6. Truther

7. Critical Mass

8. Eagles Among Vultures

9. Weakness Leaving My Heart


Line up: 

Marcus Bischoff – Vocals

Maik Weichert – Guitar

Alexander Dietz – Guitar

Eric Bischoff – Bass

Christian Bass – Drums









The band have previously released four official videos. “Protector” and “Weakness Leaving My Heart” are linked in one clip, which is available here: https://youtu.be/IvytvMgUpis

“My Heart And The Ocean” can be watched here: https://youtu.be/c0JyybdXIPQ

And don’t miss to check out the video for “Eradicate” here: https://youtu.be/FWukd9fsRro

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