Heathen // Empire Of The Blind // Album Review
Heathen // Empire Of The Blind // Album Review 10
Heathen // Empire Of The Blind // Album Review 10
Heathen // Empire Of The Blind // Album Review 10
Heathen // Empire Of The Blind // Album Review 10
Heathen // Empire Of The Blind // Album Review 10
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Heathen’s first release in ten years is here and it was well worth the wait, granted they are not the most proficient when it comes to releasing music this being only their fourth release in thirty-three years, but when they do it usually is a classic and this is no different. Intro “This Rotting Sphere” gives you a glimpse of what is to come as it guides into the assault that is “The Blight” a thrashy number that ticks all the boxes, fast and brutal that will have you bouncing around the room listening to it, breakneck drumming with riffs out the door and a nice bass line running throughout while Dave White get everyone in a frenzy with his vocal offerings. Title track “Empire Of The Blind” is a heavier affair with White growling menacingly to a backdrop of killer riffs and drums, the hypnotic beat will get its hooks into you quickly while you will not be able to get the chorus out of your head after the first listen let alone the ninth or tenth spin, it is the consummate track.

“Dead And Gone” will remind you of the John Bush-era of Anthrax, cool rhythms and beats will get you up out of your chair in a heartbeat while the guitar solo three-quarters of the way through will blow you away, a great track. “Sun In My Hand” opens with some classy guitar work before the chugging riffs and slow drum beat take over, White delivers as you would expect as the rest of the band join in at the chorus to give it a rousing anthemic feel, the guitars on this track are outstanding and give a real groove to the track. “Blood To Be Let” kicks it back up a few notches, the drums drive the track big time with thick riffs as White gives it socks, again the guitar work comes to the fore with two solos, one a little warm-up for the main event towards the end of the track that will leave you drooling. “In Black” beats you into submission with a barrage of drums, bass, guitars, and snarling vocals, a banger if ever there was one. “Shrine Of Apathy” is a slow  track that is just amazing, really well put together from the acoustic guitars to the slow easy beat of the drums, White’s vocals are really strong as he turns in a cracking performance while the solo at the midway point is phenomenal and adds that little bit extra, brilliant. “Devour” is a thrash/hardcore killer with crushing riffs and pounding drums with the speed and power turned right up to ten, if this doesn’t get the blood pumping you need to get yourself checked. “A Fine Red Mist” is a colossal instrumental track packed with killer riffs, massive drums, bass and solos that shred big time. “The Gods Divide” is a speedy thrashtastic masterpiece, full of aggression and power that will melt your face, White gives his usual 100% as the guitars rule this track with heavy riffs and an epic solo and lead into the outro “Monument To Ruin” that calms this particular savage beast.


Empire Of The Blind is out 18th September





1. This Rotting Sphere 1:44

2. The Blight 4:38
3. Empire Of The Blind 5:51

4. Dead And Gone 3:56

5. Sun In My Hand 4:54

6. Blood To Be Let 3:36

7. In Black 4:38
8. Shrine Of Apathy 4:58

9. Devour 3:34

10. A Fine Red Mist 5:15

11. The Gods Divide 3:35

12. Monument To Ruin 0:37

Heathen are:

Lee Altus Guitars

Dave White Vocals

Kragen Lum Guitars  

Jason Mirza Bass

Jim DeMaria Drums






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