Heart Through Sacrifice new single! Chapter Four: Pride and Honour / Him OUT NOW!

Heart Through Sacrifice new single!

Chapter Four: Pride and Honour / Him OUT NOW!

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Single cover art by Heart Through Sacrifice/ detune photography

 Prog metal story weavers, Heart Through Sacrifice, unveil their 4th single entitled: ‘Pride and Honour / Him’. Continuing the dark fantasy tale of Heart Through Sacrifice, this chapter fleshes out the beast and showcases her power in true form.

 This 4th release brings together the elements of the first 3 singles complete with guitar solos, melodic sections, epic riffing and a pounding pace!

 The full Heart Through Sacrifice album is comprised of 10 tracks and laden with heavy guitars, frantic drums and electronic synths all which underpin powerful vocals courtesy of Corinne Cooper who narrates the story with beautiful melodies and vocal harmonies.

Final mixing and mastering duties were carried out by Matt Bew (Whitehouse Studios, Reading, UK). The album is currently only available in physical form at gigs or from the band directly. A full digital release will follow in 2020.

 A graphic novel is also in the works and will accompany a wider release of the album with artwork by Bec Dennison of Bullet on a String who also designed the Heart Through Sacrifice logos and album design.

 Heart Through Sacrifice is the project of NZ born, London based musician, producer and creative, Doug Rimington (ex Voodoo Diamond, Hold The Dawn, The Superhelix), who has combined his musicianship with his passion for storytelling and burgeoning flair for production. Performing all parts on the recording apart from vocals, he has created a cinematic prog metal adventure he hopes all will enjoy.

Photo by AMC Photography

 Speaking on the album and project as a whole, Doug explains, ‘I finally have something I am truly proud of, something that represents my creative career so far, that I feel is really special and I cannot wait to share it with everyone!’

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 The singles ‘Blood Stained Stone / The Boy’, ‘Born from Sin / The Beast’, ‘Eyes Of Gold / The Warrior’ and ‘Pride and Honour / Him’ are out now on all digital platforms, instrumental versions are included with each track on Spotify, iTunes/ Apple Music, Deezer and all other major online platforms.

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