HEADS. premiere brand new video,
created by Alex Edkins of METZ!



[ photo: Basti Grim ]

New album PUSH coming May 29th on Glitterhouse Records!

Following their critically acclaimed 2018 album, Collider, May 29th 2020 will see noise rock and post- punk act, HEADS., release their third studio album via Glitterhouse Records.

PUSH was recorded in Berlin by Kadavar’s Christoph Bartelt, while Magnus Lindberg of Cult Of Luna took care of the mix and mastering. Appearing throughout the record you will hear guest musicians such as Kristof Hahn (Swans), Matthias Feit (Radare) and Markus E. Lipka (Eisenvater). But also on a visual level, HEADS. got support from well-reputated names, while Alex Edkins of METZ created a gritty music video to the band’s new single Weather Beaten”! Just exclusively premiered with Revolver Magazine, you can now watch the brand new HEADS. video HERE!

The general premise of the video is human kind vs. nature.“ Says Edkins about his visual interpretation on the video. “The intelligent/scientific/philosophical/narcissistic human race is in the end humbled by the power of nature. Nature will always win.

We may fool ourselves into thinking we are in control, but really we have very little. This speaks directly to the current global pandemic we are all adjusting to and working to overcome. In the last scene the snake and rabbit are meant to symbolize rebirth and hope in the future. We will get through this.“



On PUSH, the trio from Berlin and Melbourne continues to evolve their very own blend of noise-rock, post-punk and alternative rock in a sprawling soundscape – an experimental, wild, distinguished, radical and yet still catchy ride.

HEADS. is Ed Fraser (vocals, guitar), Chris Breuer (bass) and Nic Stockmann (drums). Founded in Berlin in 2014, the trio released their self-titled debut in 2015 on This Charming Man Records, followed by countless shows with artists such as Metz, Daughters, Nothing, Protomartyr and Whores. After Collider, the band’s latest album released in 2018, and following extensive touring all over Europe and the States, HEADS. have taken a massive step forward with PUSH. The album is a wall of sound, a monolith. This is a challenging, original and wild record for fans of acts like Swans, Helmet, The Melvins, Tar, Codeine, Metz, The Jesus Lizard or Protomartyr.

Coming May 29th on Glitterhouse Records, the pre-sale is available at THIS LOCATION!

PUSH Tracklisting:
1. Empty Towns
2. Weather Beaten
3. Push You Out To Sea
4. Loyalty
5. Rusty Sling
6. Nobody Moves and Everybody Talks
7. It Was Important
8. A Swarming Tide
9. Paradise
10. As Your Street Get Deserted

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