He Danced Ivy are setting out on their first ever national tour with dates seven dates across May and June with dates in Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Bellingen, Sydney, Port Macquarie, Toowoomba and Melbourne.

To celebrate, He Danced Ivy have released a music video for their track Cutting It Fine.Filmed during the launch of their EP ‘Optimistic Cynic’ at Crowbar in Brisbane, the video gives a good indicator for the wild times that are ahead on their first national tour.

A national tour has been a long time coming for the Brisbane-via-Coffs Harbour musical monsters, but now its time and Australia better be prepared.

“We have been holding off on a national run of dates for a while, until we all agreed the timing felt right. We’re tightest we’ve ever been as friends, the tightest we’ve ever been as a band and our vision for the future is completely in sync,” said bassist and vocalist,Mitch Hart.

“Our teeth are sharp and we’re ready to sink them into the seven dates. We’re super keen to play  and we’re stoked to present our special brand of alt-rock acrobatics to the rest of Australia,” drummer and vocalist, Josh Hayes.

The track deals with some hard issues that boys have faced in the past, but thankfully with the support of each other they’ve come through better.

“Cutting It Fine deals with some bad cycles that I was struggling with when we put it together. I felt like a boy in a blender. I was trying to self medicate my way through anxiety and it was only making things worse,” said vocalist and guitarist, Dave Cheney.

“The song is a structural mess that reflects life when you’re trying to get by, trapped by addiction and bad choices. The way we divide vocal duties also serves to illustrate the multiple voices we can have banging around in our head as we fight for clarity,” said guitarist and vocalist, Sean Rudner.

“Queens of the Stone Age meets Every Time I Die vibes… an insane amount of energy on display.”
Alexander Underwood – Pilerats

“The Cedric Bixler-Zavala vibes are definitely front and center, but that doesn’t stop this being as scorching as the kettle he threw at Westfest.”
Gemma Pike – triple j Unearthed

“Combining the most slamming of riffs, the tastiest of drum grooves and the most saccharine-drenched of vocals, He Danced Ivy are here to push genre boundaries to their extreme.”
Bianca Davino – Tone Deaf

“Kinda like standing under a hills hoist clothesline that’s spinning really fast and smacks you with a variety of different cold fish.”
Paul Waxman – SYN Radio

“Sure, their band name may be kinda silly but always remember: never judge a book by its cover because sometimes there is some really good shit to be found within those pages.”
Alex Sievers – Kill Your Stereo


Saturday, May 4th
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane, QLD
w/ Ebonivory, The Stranger, Inovo
Tickets here.

Friday, May 10th
The Coffs Hotel, Coffs Harbour, NSW
w/ Vesper Green, Seafome, Palomino

Saturday, May 11th (Acoustic)
Number 5 Church Street, Bellingen, NSW
w/ Jack Botts

Friday, May 17th
Hideaway Bar, Sydney, NSW
w/ This Time Only & Madame Wong

Saturday, May 18th
The Lounge Room, Port Macquarie, NSW
w/ Magic Ian, Palomino

Friday, May 24th
The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba, QLD
w/ Vesper Green, Outlive, Isolation

Friday, June 7th
The Gaso Upstairs, Melbourne, VIC
w/ Death Before Breakfast

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