Havok // “V” // Album Review

Havok is back with a bang, a massive bang, in all manner of means. A flat out thrasher that never stops or disappoints in forty-five minutes or so of complete mayhem. “Post-Truth Era”  with its Metallica style intro is a stonker to kick things off, with Sanchez screaming and snarling his way through the track to a backdrop of blistering drums and massive riffs that will melt your ears. “Fear Campaign” opens up with a monster solo and it just gets better as it moves along with Sanchez spitting out lyrics machine gun like before another short solo rip, big bass, and drums also help with the sonic assault making it an all-round classic.

“Betrayed By Technology” opens up with jabbing riffs that set the tone as Sanchez channels his inner Chuck Schuldiner to screech and scream his way through a quite brilliant track featuring so cool bass lines from Brandon Bruce and the phenomenal guitar work of Reece Scruggs. “Ritual Of The Mind” has a hypnotic chugging riff combined with a pounding drum beat that hammers into your brain defying you not to headbang, throw in a deep bass line for good measure you’ve got yourself a monster track. “Interface With The Infinite” opens with a savage bass and drum beat as the heavy riffs of Scruggs comes in over the top of them as Sanchez rips with the vocals, there is a heavier grinding feel to this song compared to the others but it is a cracker an again some serious guitar work from Scruggs with a kick-ass solo. “Dab Tsog” offers a brief respite with a strange little instrumental interlude. “Phantom Force” brings things back into thrasher territory as it proceeds to melt your face at a million miles an hour, cracking drums with a tasty side of bass, killer riffs, and vocals that just kill.

“Cosmetic Surgery” is a bass-heavy track and it is a cracker that will have you jumping around and screaming along to it, the guitar of Scruggs must be on its knees at this stage of the day as it has been played to an inch of its life with cool riffs and solos but he must take a back seat to the brilliant bass playing of Bruce on this track, it is off the charts. “Panpsychism” is not what you would call a typical Havok track but it is pretty damn good, a long acoustic intro gives way to a chugging riff and bass with Sanchez whispering vocals before he and the track explode with both the bass and guitar trading off, interspersed clean vocals show how these guys can adapt and change things up as necessary as the track goes from a slow grinding pace to frantic in the flick of a switch. “Merchants Of Death” is a straight-up banger, fast in your face with the bass again setting the tone as Scruggs throws a little solo into the pot while Sanchez just tears it up, if this track doesn’t get you up off your arse there is something seriously wrong with you. “Don’t Do It” closes the album with an eight-minute musical treat, from a slow, ominous opening that lightens up with a softly strummed guitar, it then turns quickly to a foreboding sinister power fest with Sanchez alternating between snarled and clean vocals. A monster chugging riff and stylish guitar are the order of the day here as this track will have you baying for more and you will not be disappointed as it unleashes hell at about the five and a half minute mark whereupon you will lose your shit to frantic drumming, blistering bass, and riffs out the door with a mesmerizing solo thrown in for fun, all of sudden the brakes are thrown on and as the reverb fades out a nice acoustic solo plays us out, only one word can sum it up, AMAZING!

Havok has been setting the standard for the new wave of Thrashers for the last fifteen years or so and with “V” they have just taken a massive step to cement their rightful place in the annals of Thrash Masters.


“V” is out 1st May via Century Media Records



Havok are:

David Sanchez Vocals

Reece Srcuggs Guitar, backing vocals

Peter Webber Drums

Brandon Bruce Bass







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