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German electro-industrial mainstays Haujobb have just dropped the sinister sounding retro-futuristic slo-mo banger ‘In The Headlights’ as the first single from their forthcoming new album, ‘The Machine In The Ghost’. Scheduled for release on 20th September, it is the 10th full length record by the Prague-based group, which formed in 1992 and has existed as the duo of Daniel Myer (vocals/programming) and Dejan Samardzic (programming) since the mid-‘90s.

“’In The Headlights’ was actually one of the first tracks written for the album,” explains Myer. “Dejan recorded and sampled his exhaust hood, which kind of sounds like a jet engine, and we built the song around that sample. There is also a sound that might be identified as a tambourine, which is really just a key chain dropping onto the floor. This and other physical constructions that are sampled throughout the album act as relics of interfaces between man and machine.”

Maintaining an impressive penchant for refusing to do the same thing twice on each studio album, ‘The Machine In The Ghost’ deploys field recordings to create some of its most prominent sounds. In order to achieve the desired effect, the duo used a mix of software and hardware in the shape of everyday items. This deliberate nod to a previous era with more analogue shifting of the dials complements the retro theme of ‘The Machine In The Ghost’ (albeit without indulging in nostalgia for its own sake), the album revolving around the highly charged relationship between mind and matter, analogue and digital.

Despite their constant artistic evolution, a unique musical handwriting is present throughout the Haujobb catalogue. Originally founded as a trio in the West German city of Bielefeld, they were initially influenced by the ‘Vancouver school’ of industrial electronics (the likes of Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly), but it did not take long for them to be recognised as figureheads of a more modern take on this sound that incorporated elements of IDM (intelligent dance music) that helped catapult them onto the wider international scene.

Co-founding member Björn Jünemann left the band after their second album, with Myer and Samardzic subsequently releasing the acclaimed ‘Solutions For A Small Planet’ (1996) and thereafter maintaining a strong strike-rate that has included ‘New World March’ (2011), their 7th record and regarded as another milestone effort.

‘The Machine in the Ghost’ has seen Haujobb begin another exciting chapter in their career. As we enter the next industrial and creative revolution that has been ignited by the rise of AI, it shows that they still have their musical fingers on the pulse.

1  Uncanny Valley
2  Uselessness
3  In The Headlights
4  Under the Gun
5  Tomorrow
6  The Internation
7  Opposition
8  Singularity
9  Mass Master
10  While It Rains

Daniel Myer – vocals, programming
Dejan Samardzic – programming

guest musicians
Emese Árvai-Illés (BLACK NAIL CABARET) – vocals
Hannes Rief (DIE SELEKTION) – trumpet
Aleta Welling – lyrics
Felix Gerlach – cello

HAUJOBB | 2024 photo by Chris Ruiz

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