Hateful // Set Forever On Me // Album review

Formed in 1997 and heavily influenced by old school European Death Metal along with Doom Metal, the Italian band has performed heavily and been released on a number of split albums along with undergoing their fair share of line-up changes on the way to releasing the full-length album Coils of a Consumed Paradise in 210 which was then followed up Epilogue of Masquerade in 2013 and now the band has returned for the third full length.

The 11 track album opens with a blackened old school Death approach with some technical aspects thrown in for good measure and then the vocal which again has a very Old School Death sound to it with its abrasive delivery. The guitars continue with their technical sounds as the drums are thick and blunt with the occasional sound of the cymbals ting to almost teasing a little Black Metal in the offering.

This flows through the 39-minute album as the speedy music hits almost Speed Metal levels at times and the Tech side of things is really explored and performed to very high standards, that Old School Death feeling is underpinning everything that is displayed and I can understand why Hateful does this sound very well.

The guitars constantly attack, taking differing approaches with differing songs as the drums powerfully underpin and push the pace, and then the vocal produces that feeling of times gone by and paved the way for modern Death.

Set Forever On Me is a punishing slab of Death Metal with very strong Tech-Death strands weaved heavily throughout it, allowing the band to express both aspects of their music whilst also knitting them together very tightly and creating a very strong offering. The Italians may only be on album 3 throughout their 20 plus years, however, they have used al their frustrations and experience throughout that time and created a glorious chink of blackened Death that leans at times toward the Brutal side of life. 

If you like your Death Metal then this is a must.


Ed Ford


Set Forever On Me is released Friday 21st 2020 via Transcending Obscurity Records.


Line up –
Daniele Lupidi (Valgrind, Voids of Vomit) – Bass, Vocals and Rhythm Guitars
Massimo Vezzani (Voids of Vomit) – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Marcello Malagoli (Blood of Seklusion) – Drums and Vocals

Artwork by Daniele Lupidi

Track listing –
1. On the Brink of the Ravine
2. Oxygen Catastrophe
3. Phosphenes
4. The Irretrievable Dissolution Process on the Shores of Time
5. Will-Crushing Wheel
6. Caldera
7. Time Flows Differently
8. Our Gold Shined in Vain
9. The Nihil Truth
10. River’s Breath
11. The Proof

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