Hatebreed // Weight Of The False Self // Album Review

For over 20 years and over the course of 8 albums the heavyweights in the Heavy Metal and Hardcore world, Hatebreed have returned with the follow up to the 2016 album The Concrete Confessional and having been pushed back through Covid 19 delays, one of my most anticipated albums of the year is about to drop.

The band had released a single earlier the year ‘When The Blade Drops to feed the anticipation and them two tracks from the album were unleashed to give the flavor of what was to come with the title track ‘Weight of the False Self’ and the album opener ‘Instinctive (Slaughterlust)’ providing that insight and allowing a familiar sound when you first press play. 

The aggressive sound that Hatebreed is associated with returns in all its glory and when you finish joining in with the opener, you are met by the rager ‘Let Them All Rot’ which is a track that will no doubt get the pit going fuckin berserk.

We have tracks such as ‘Set It Right (Start With Yourself)’ and the title track that oozes self-help and a positive mental attitude, something that Jasta is a big promoter of, and if you are anything like me, these tracks just resonated immediately. ‘Dig Your Way Out’ gets the speed going full throttle as the Thrash speed is met whilst on the beginning to ‘The Herd Will Shatter’ any air drummers will get a twitch on and the pit fans will just be losing their shit.

From start to finish this album is stunning and so important in so many ways. Whether it be the release that so many need at this time or the way that the album talks to you and helps you, this is potentially the most important and impressive Hatebreed release. With a sound more geared toward the brutal with heavy Death riffs and punishing breakdowns, the sound of the earlier Hatebreed is here to get you out of pit retirement and push you to be confident in being the best version of you.

This album is exactly what I needed, for which I am hugely grateful and I am convinced that this will be the same for so many others. Weight Of The False Self is not only an album that everyone needs to hear, it is possibly a life-changing album for everyone and don’t think that this makes the release another than unbelievably hard, because it smashes you to pieces if you underestimate it. I now can’t wait for my pre-ordered vinyl to land!!

Ed Ford


Weight Of The False Self is released Friday 27th November 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records 



  1. Instinctive (Slaughterlust)
  2. Let Them Rot
  3. Set It Right (Start With Yourself)
  4. Weight Of The False Self
  5. Cling To Life
  6. A Stroke Of Red
  7. Dig Your Way Out
  8. This I Earned
  9. Wings Of The Vulture
  10. The Herd Will Scatter
  11. From Gold To Grey
  12. Invoking Dominance







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