Hate - Auric Gates of Veles - Album Review
Hate - Auric Gates of Veles - Album Review8
Hate - Auric Gates of Veles - Album Review8
Hate - Auric Gates of Veles - Album Review8
Hate - Auric Gates of Veles - Album Review8
Hate - Auric Gates of Veles - Album Review8
8Overall Score
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Hate is not just the name of this ferocious band, it is also a way of life for this anger fuelled band as they use the platform of Death Metal to unleash their fury on the world and have been doing so since 1991. Having previously released 10 anger filled offering previously, the most recent being the 2017 release Tremendum, which morphed toward the darker Black Metal table, Hate picks up in where that album left off as we venture deeper and darker in to the world of Blackened Death Hate, and have bought along 8 tracks spanning some 40 minutes of emotionally charged Death Metal that allows yourself to become completely immersed in the experience.

The tracks all differ and have their own unique characteristics as we vary from Black, to Death with some Tech Death mixed as the content guides the music along the paths it requires, as we are invited to explore the world of Veles, which is one of Slavonic mysticism, in the words of ATF Sinner (Vocals & Guitars) “it is like looking on a tradition that long pre-dates Christianity and gives a new perspective on the past as well as the present day”. This being the case, the lyrics can also be related to modern day issues and those that get under so many people skin in the current era, thus providing the perfect platform for people to let off some steam.

The drums are constantly leading the charge as a powerful and unrelenting beating of an enraged heartbeat and the guitars mix between a Blackened pitch and a deep and sinister tone as the occasional solo slices through the riffs like a sudden outburst of fury. The vocal is gravelly and powerful as it narrates the furious lyrics that everything else is built upon.

The album is a solid and powerful slab of Death Metal that will reach out to fans both old and new as there is so much frustration throughout the world in general, this is perfect to turn up loud and let it all go. It is also an album that gets better with each listen, and the songs almost increase in relatability the more they are listened to, making this an album with serious longevity. Auric Gates of Velesis a cracking addition to any Death Metal collection.


Ed Ford


Auric Gate of Veles is released June 14thvia Metal Blade Records

Track List

  1. Seventh Manvantara
    2. Triskhelion
    3. The Volga’s Veins
    4. Sovereign Sanctity
    5. Path to Arkhen
    6. Auric Gates of Veles
    7. Salve Ignis
    8. Generation Sulphur






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