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Hardline is back with a new studio album entitled ‘Life’. The last two years have seen the band
perform a number of festival shows as well as more intimate gigs throughout Europe, and that
live energy can certainly be felt on the new record. With both 1992’s ‘Double Eclipse’ and
2016’s ‘Human Nature’ albums acting as chief influences for their new songs, the end result is
a perfect blend and sees Hardline heavier, stronger, bigger and better than ever.
The group entered the studio feeling loose and relaxed after their touring, which had provided
the opportunity for its two newest members – Marco Di Salvia on drums and Mario Percudani
on guitar – to gel with the rest of the band. Combined with the pulsating rhythms of drummer
Anna Portalupi and the renowned keyboard skills (not to mention his ability as a songwriter
and producer) of Alessandro Del Vecchio, ‘Life’ was almost effortless for the band to create.
And, of course, Johnny Gioeli sings like only he can over the top of these fantastic musicians.
Hardline will perform at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, Italy on 27th April, with further
dates to be announced soon.
1. Place To Call Home
2. Take A Chance
3. Helio’s Sun
4. Page Of Your Life
5. Out Of Time
6. Hold On To Right
7. Handful Of Sand
8. This Love
9. Story Of My Life
10. Who Wants To Live Forever
11. Chameleon
12. My Friend
HARDLINE – photo by Riccardo Bernardi
Johnny Gioeli – vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards
Mario Percudani – guitar
Marco Di Salvia – drums
Anna Portalupi – bass


Originally founded in Naples, Italy in 1996 by Serafino Perugino as a distribution company, Frontiers has 

developed into one of the premiere independent rock labels in the world. Synonymous with quality music

across a broad spectrum, the company has worked with genre heavyweights such as DEF LEPPARD, 


WINGER, MR. BIG, NIGHT RANGER and more. Aside from providing a home for classic artists,

Frontiers also boasts a wealth of young, upcoming talent that, coupled with a savvy and forward thinking

A&R and marketing approach, will be developed into the future of rock ’n’ roll. With millions of records

sold and multiple Top 10 album chart entries around the world, the label has also expanded with offices

in the USA (Nashville) and UK (London). With a deep commitment to and passion for music and the

artists who create it and with massive global distribution, sales and marketing channels,

Frontiers is the home for both established and emerging rock acts.

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