Hardcore-punk bands Kill Your Idols and Rule Them All stream split EP

Hardcore-punk bands Kill Your Idols
and Rule Them All stream split EP

Vinyl pre-order via Flatspot Records

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Today, New York-based bands Kill Your Idols and Rule Them All have released a split EP on Flatspot Records. Contributing two songs each, both bands recorded with Kill Your Idols drummer Anthony Corallo, with KYI’s tracks being mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid) and Rule Them All mixed and mastered with Brian McTernan (Battery, Be Well). “Tragic” and “Simple, Short, & Fast” mark Kill Your Idols’ first new music since 2006, hinting at what’s to come next in their 27 year legacy of being a band. The songs are hardcore punk at their finest – fast, loud, and anthemic – with blistering vocals and thrashy guitars. Rule Them All encapsulate the new school of melodic hardcore on their side of the split. “Uneasy Faith” and “The Temptation” both brim with dynamic riffs and lyrics centered around ideology and convictions. The split is available digitally now and for pre-order on vinyl, out July 22nd.
1. “Tragic” – Kill Your Idols
2. “Simple, Short, & Fast” – Kill Your Idols
3. “Uneasy Faith” – Rule Them All
4. “The Temptation” – Rule Them All
About Kill Your Idols:
Kill Your Idols formed in 1995 by vocalist Andy West and guitarist Gary Bennett, listening to hardcore and dreaming of recording a 7” and opening for their favorite bands like 7 Seconds and Sick Of It All. That dream became reality faster than they could have ever imagined as they ended up doing all that, and then some, spending 1997 through 2006 touring the United States, Europe, and even Asia at a Black Flag pace. As well as releasing scores of full length albums and EPs, including splits with Fisticuffs, Full Speed Ahead,  Nerve Agents, Voorhees, Good Riddance, Crime in Stereo, Modern Life is War, Poison Idea, and yes, 7 Seconds. Then, in 2007 the band called it quits with members moving on to other projects, but not before playing several legendary final shows. In 2013, the band rose from the dead, performing a now famous “welcome back KYI” set at Black N Blue Bowl, at a sold out Webster Hall in NYC. Ever since, the band knew they belonged on the stage, and have continued to play shows to their loyal fans as well as reaching a new, younger audience. Hardcore as ever, the band plans on writing, recording, and performing whenever possible. Never say die.Kill Your Idols is Andy West (vocals), Gary Bennett (guitar), Mike DeLorenzo (bass), and Anthony Corallo (drums).

About Rule Them All:
Rule Them All was created with one goal in mind: deliver gimmick-free hardcore that speaks truth to power.The band was formed in 2017 by Richie Armour and Jon Gusman, who have since completed the lineup with members of diverse experience that spans a wide range of musical disciplines. Their carefully constructed and deliberately paced songs call to mind both the emotional intelligence of classic D.C. hardcore and the raw aggression of the Long Island scene they call home. The result is a confrontational blend of vintage and modern styles that force the listener to reckon with their own notions of what it means to be independent in today’s fractured society. Sonically, Rule Them All expertly synchronize hard-hitting drums with harmonic riffs to form an unshakeable foundation over which the message in the vocals can be easily heard and understood crystal clear. This shines on their latest EP, Dreams About… and upcoming split with fellow Long Island punk act Kill Your Idols (both released by Flatspot Records). The band’s potent blend of hardcore has lead way to an evergrowing fanbase and sharing the stage with acts like Terror, Turnstile, Gorilla Biscuits, and more.

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