Hardcore heavy hitters Missing Link share debut album Watch Me Bleed on Triple B Records

Hardcore heavy hitters Missing Link share debut album

Watch Me Bleed on Triple B Records

Photo Credit: Kevin OBryant

“Every few years a band comes out of the blue & releases a phenomenal debut & Missing Link is that band of 2024.” – Rock N Load

“This is fight music, without question, designed to open up pits and knock out teeth around the whole world.” – Distorted Sound

“If you like Hardcore that can be blistering fast and then hit the brakes on a devastating breakdown with some tremolo-picked guitar riffs – do not sleep on this band.” – Ghost Cult Mag

“Combining the frustration that boiled over from the pandemic with the slamming brutality of the hardcore and slam metal scenes, Watch Me Bleed rages from the get-go.” – V13

Hailing from across the Northeast, Missing Link is ready to pummel audiences with their ferocious brand of metallic hardcore, honed to a razors edge by years of experience in the studio and on the stage. Today, the band unleashes their crushing debut album, Watch Me Bleed, on Triple B RecordsWatch Me Bleed was recorded with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording in Chicago and the eleven songs are exactly as bleak and brutal as you’d expect from a lineup that shares members with Internal Bleeding, Pain Of Truth, Recon, and Blood Runs Cold to name a few.

Standout single “New York Minute” captures an aura of tension and paranoia punctuated by blazing fast drumming, gruff vocals and angular riffs. “Numbers On The Board” featuring Gridiron, serves as a critique of the shamelessness of social media that perfectly captures the contempt the band has for fakes and phonies. Across the album, ferocious riffs descend into numerous opportunities for audiences to demonstrate their style in the pit courtesy of some truly sinister breakdowns and gang vocals. Missing Link teams up with Justice Tripp (Angel Du$t) and Richie Krutch (Wisdom In Chains) on “See Ya Later”, with expectedly pulverizing results. The climate of fear evoked on Watch Me Bleed is perfectly encapsulated by album closer “Genuflect” featuring Eloise Chamber – a bitter, brutal examination of society that sits somewhere between hardcore, metal and an aural representation of hell itself.

You can stream Watch Me Bleed HERE and vinyl is available now from Triple B Records.

Missing Link will head to Europe later this month for the BBB Takeover Tour alongside Magnitude, Never Ending Game, Gridiron, and Scarab. The band also has some North American dates on deck, including This Is Hardcore and New England Metal & Hardcore Fest. Full dates below.

Missing Link is Mike Ryan (vocals), Victor Klipp (bass), Evan Perino (guitar), Nik Hansen (guitar), Chris Mcarthy (guitar) and Paul Dove (drums).

Watch Me Bleed Tracklist:

1. Pillar Of Salt ft. Bruce Lepage

2. New York Minute

3. Scraps for the Dog

4. Numbers on the Board ft. Gridiron

5. Glory or Death

6. Another Cross

7. Crusade

8. I Want To Kill You (Pt. 2)

9. Pillory ft. Dustin Lovell

10. See Ya Later ft. Justice Tripp and Richie Krutch

11. Genuflect ft. Eloise Chamber

Upcoming Shows:

BBB Euro Takeover w/ Magnitude, Never Ending Game, Gridiron, Scarab

6/28- London UK @ Oslo Hackney

6/29- Manchester UK @ Outbreak Fest

6/30- Paris FR @ Glazart

7/1- Monchengladbach DE @ Kulturzentrum

7/2- Dresden DE @ Chemiefabrik

7/3- Nuremberg DE @ Roter Salon

7/4- Milan IT @ Legend Club

7/5- Lucerne CH @ Sedel

7/7- Ieper BE @ Ieper Fest

7/19- Buffalo, NY – Rec Room w/ The Acacia Strain + Pure Bliss

7/21- New Kensington, PA – Preserving Underground w/ The Acacia Strain + Pure Bliss

8/4- Philadelphia, PA @ This Is Hardcore

9/21- Worcester, MA @ New England Metal & Hardcore Fest