Hardcore band Run Into The Sun release bouncy dual single Try / Hope

Hardcore band Run Into The Sun release bouncy dual single Try / Hope

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Salt Lake City hardcore band Run Into The Sun have shared the next installment in their single series with Try / Hope, out now. Following the emotional Love / Pain and political Cry / Blood, the band look towards to the future with with these two tracks. “Try” is punchy with infectious guitar lines. Vocalist Dan Fletcher shouts about choosing to move past negative thoughts and is joined by Billy French of Cherem who lends his gruffer voice to the song. Run Into The Sun have also released a visual for for “Try,” featuring collection of tour photos from the last 20 years of SLCHC bands they’ve played in together and apart.

Diving deeper into the song, Fletcher states:

“Growing up, the more I learned about the world, about history, the more I felt myself becoming jaded and nihilistic. It felt like injustice and exploitation were inescapable. With experience, I realized I was choosing to react this way. I was choosing to focus on the negative and it became a self-fulfilling attitude. “Try” is about the point in everyone’s life when they either let the darkness drag them down, or choose to fight against it.

My time playing in the band Cherem was a turning point for me with this. Living in vans with those dudes, making the We Are The Revolution record, it really helped me see that being proactive and positive wasn’t corny, it was the only way to see light in the dark.”

“Hope” leans into a melodic bounce and features guest vocals from Charles Palleta of Snake Eyez. The sense of local community Run Into The Sun instills  through their lyrics, collaborations, and imagery across the release is indicative of something bigger.

Fletcher expands on the track:

‘“Hope’ picks up where ‘Try’ leaves off. Choosing to make a positive impact on the world takes on a whole new importance when you have family members, friends, community members, and children who look to you for guidance. As a father, I want to do everything I can to instill hope in my sons. I want them to see the dark and choose the light – especially when it feels most hopeless.”

You can find all of Run Into The Sun’s music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Run Into The Sun is Dan Fletcher – Vocals, Matt Mascarenas – Guitar, Chase Griffis – Bass, and Drew Davenport – Drums.

Upcoming Shows:

April 29 – Pocatello, ID, Sixes w/ Outlet, Crow Killer, Dirt Feeder, Godbone

June 3 – Salt Lake City, Kilby Court w/ Portraits, Ribbons

August 24 – Salt Lake City, Metro Music Hall – CrucialFest

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