October 26th 2018-Hard Rock artists Prospect Hill Release the music video for their new song Get Out. The video follows two killers as they use a horror theme park as their hunting grounds to stalk and murder visitors. Drummer and Producer Mark Roberge explains the meaning behind Get Out and their idea for the video…

We have been on a hiatus for a couple years now and we wanted re-emerge with a release that smashes you right in the face. The lyrics were inspired by the state of the country and all of the mass violence happening. It sucks we have to worry about attacks at concerts and events but its a real thing and have to all be aware of it. The lyrics have a spooky tone and I’ve always had this horror movie idea about going to visit a fright amusement park and some of the actors are actually killers in disguise and start picking people off one by one.

Get Out was shot at New England’s biggest horror theme park Spooky Worldand was directed by Jim Foster and produced by Red 13 StudiosGet Outstars Jake Smith and Sean Mackey as the killers. The song was produced by OH NO! ØKTAPUS and DOC D

The video for Get Out is premiering on the iconic horror site Dread Central and can be seen HERE

Get Out still shot

About Prospect Hill

Prospect Hill is a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, that have been performing from coast to coast for more than a decade. The band is comprised of six lifelong friends with talent and versatility that is proven by the level of fanfare and chart success associated with their brand of music. Adam Fithian (lead vocals), Mark Roberge (drums), Derek Rousseau (guitar), Andrew Bochart (guitar), John Roberge (guitar), and Edgar Troncoso (bass, vocals) form the hard-hitting, melody-driven rock band that knows exactly how to rally an energetic crowd during any live performance. Each member brings unique and contrasting styles that permeates through each song both on record and on stage. Prospect Hill has developed a cult following across the United States and continue to write and perform music to this day. A long list of accolades and acclaim highlights their experience and longevity in the rock genre.

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