Happy. // Imposter Syndrome // Album Review


Happy. Are about to drop their sophomore album Imposter Syndrome this coming Friday via Rude Records. The follow up to the debut full-length Cult Classic brings an updated and honed sound to their new recording as the guys have been working tirelessly refining their craft. What you get is a very polished sounding album, packed with gnarly riffs and uplifting melodies to hit you right between the eyes. 

The production is sublime, you can feel the air move from the chunk of those guitars, and the vocals just flow over the top of these addictive tunes, the album flows beautifully and takes you on this journey through each and every track, pushing and pulling you at every thrash of the guitar and screaming vocal to grab your attention, all whilst keeping that easy on the ear melodic quality and your Happy. Vibes intact!

If you are in need of some feel-good vibes in these strange ass times, Happy. Have it in abundance, they have a simple yet very effective formula and it works, It is no wonder these guys are building up a formidable army of fans on both sides of the pond. The graft on the road clocking up the miles, transferring that live energy, angst to the studio is just what the doctor ordered.

 Ten banging tracks to brighten up your day and transport you to your Happy. place, and for sure in 2020 of all years who doesn’t need a Happy. place to retreat too? In no time at all, you will have flown through this album and be stretching for that repeat button. 

Happy. Have delivered on Imposter Syndrome and then some, back with a bang and better than ever Imposter Syndrome is out this coming Friday, October 30th via Rude Records.



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