Hannah Aldridge returns with new single ‘Some Ghosts Don’t Make a Sound’ featuring former Godhead main man Jason Charles Miller

Her songs look back on her younger days and experiences of failed relationships,
substance abuse and life in an unforgiving bible belt. They are veined with themes
of self-destruction and emotional scars, but from which she emerges a survivor.”

// Folkradio.co.uk

Stream ‘Some Ghosts Don’t Make a Sound’ here –


https:// https://youtu.be/AdK9Qn0tnJs




” Hannah Aldridge is one of the very best young songwriters around
and you really can spend your money and not feel short-changed.”

// No Depression

With every song, Hannah Aldridge is facing down demons of a life once lived from substance abuse to failed relationships and scars from the lashes of the bible belt. Raised in the extremely religious State of Alabama, Hannah has since her early years felt an affinity to the darkness found in the Southern Gothic themes and has developed a fondness of writing songs with elements of horror brought on by dark thoughts of depression or hopelessness. Finding her calling in exploring these heavy-laden feelings and impulses that we all have, but are typically afraid to indulge in. After her acclaimed ‘Live in Black and White’, Hannah, like everyone else in the world, got caught up in the global pandemic and as such had the opportunity to take stock and return to her home base to begin work for the time when she could return to playing live. As she began working on new music she found herself diving deeper into the harder side of influences, following a path that she’d already taken some tentative steps on, towards a darker, harder, rock influenced set of songs, highlighted by her collaboration with former Godhead leader Jason Charles Miller. That new single, a cover of Godhead’s ‘Sinking’, will be preceded by a digital only release of the 7” B-side ‘Some Ghosts Don’t Make a Sound’, released October 8th.


Dec 4 • Dinton near Aylesbury, UK • Dinton Parish Church*


Dec 5 • Manchester, UK • The Rose and Monkey*


Dec 6 • London, UK • The Half Moon Putney*


Dec 7 • Edinburgh, UK • The Voodoo Rooms*


Dec 8 • Glasgow, UK • The Glad Cafe*


Dec 9 • Aberdour, UK • The Woodside Hotel*


Dec 10 • Bewdley, UK • Music in the Halls*


Dec 11 • York, UK • 45 Vinyl*


*With Gustav Sjödin and special guest Jason Charles Miller

More on Hannah Aldridge

Hannah is not only a daughter of the American south but also of the Muscle Shoals legend Walt Aldridge. She launched her career with her 2014 debut ‘Razor Wire’ in which she worked with Jason Isbell (The 400 Unit) and recorded one of his songs on the album along with Brad Pemberton (Ryan Adams and the Cardinals). The debut-album drew attention of music critics and sent her touring across the world, the live scene really taking a hold of the singer early on seeing as over the last 7 years she’s played in over 10 different countries. Her second full-length album ‘Gold Rush‘ features Sadler Vaden (Drivin n’ Cryin’) playing on Jason Isbell’s guitar, and was mixed and engineered by Allen Parker, Chief Engineer for Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys

Mixing her personal life and the sounds of her hometown, Hannah takes influences from across the rock genre. Working with one foot in country music and the other in rock has given Aldridge a fresh kind of Southern Rock styled by Southern Gothic storytelling. The honesty she crafts into each track is offset by her stubborn, even defiant, nature, which gives her music a hopeful silver lining.

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