HANK VON HELL releases music video for new single ‘Disco’, from the forthcoming album ‘Dead’

HANK VON HELL releases video for new single ‘Disco’, from the forthcoming album ‘Dead’


Hank Von Hell has just released a music video for new single, ‘Disco’, taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Dead’, released June 15th on Music For Nations/Sony Music.

Speaking of the clip, Hank says – “Well, back in the day, I was the king of snow, and especially freestyling ballet. But then one day, when I just laid there, I thought to myself, “what am I doing? Am I just chasing cars? Should I run?”. Then, the snow patrol came by, and just screamed intensively at me “OPEN YOUR EYES!”. And I was like, “Just say yes”. So I felt totally called out in the dark, you know. At first I thought they were polar bears to be honest. But it turned out, they were just some Scottish pilgrims trying to save me from the cold and comfy snow.

I also wanna blame Tom Dalgety for this song. I wanted the song to be named “Morris Dance”, a traditional therapeutic welsh dance invented to prevent youngsters form sniffing glue, as I don’t want them to be part of that. But I don’t wanna have anything to do with kids and contraband, so we decided to make a song called “Disco”, a happy track about snow. You cant fall down unless you’ve been up there.”

HANK VON HELL – ‘Disco’ (Official Music Video)

Larger than life. Totally outta control forever and ever. Once again here to shake your ass, the true master of raucous rock and sexual shock. The infamous Norwegian who partied not to have fun, but in order to create destruction and havoc.

Two years ago, the legendary and former frontman of the denim demons Turbonegro was back for real with his solo debut Egomania, a record that immediately satisfied the needs of his rabid fanbase who had waited eight long and lonesome years for this punk icon to return from the world of films, musicals, cookbooks and the rest.

And, guess what, now the reinvented Hank von Hell has an ever stronger follow-up and it’s stocked with all the action, danger, debauchery, hooks and riffs you’d craved for, a large and swaggering sound designed to penetrate us all.

The title is ‘Dead’, and as the title indicates the album represents an even darker side of Hank von Hell than the one that we have learned to love. “I actually wrote this album and the concept of it, probably ten or fifteen years ago”, he says. “My life hasn’t really been the “sunny side up” all the time, so this is my way of expressing that. The idea of the album came about when I was a in a really creative and hectic mood last year, and I basically turned every single dark period of my life into music”.

To celebrate this newfound inspiration and lust, Hank brings a party of favorites and friends onboard. Tom Dalgety, whose CV includes “Prequelle” by Ghost, “Rammstein” by Rammstein, “Sorceress” by Opeth, and many more, produced and co-wrote three tracks (“Blackened Eyes”, “Forever Animal”, “Disco”). “An absolutely amazing experience. Tom knew exactly what I wanted, and he even pushed my limits to way beyond what I’m used to.”

1) Ad Conteram Incantatores
2) Dead
3) Danger Danger!
4) Blackened Eyes
5) Disco
6) Reject the Crown
7) Radio Shadow
8) Video Ed Taceo (interlude)
9) Velvet Hell
10) Forever Animal
11) Am I Wrong
12) 13 in 1
13) Reqieum for an Emporer
Among the guests we also find his good friends Cone McCaslin and Dave. Baksh. These two Sum 41 members not only co-wrote “Radio Shadow”, they also perform on the track. “It turned out fantastic,” says Hank. Last but not least, the powerful singer is very proud of another contribution. Actor Frankie Loyal, from HBO crime drama “Mayans M.C”, is narrating the whole album. “I’ve always wanted to have a narrator on previous albums I’ve made, but it never really fitted until now. It really makes the entire album into one big epic saga.”

And, of course, heard all over “Dead” are invaluable band members Jean Genus, Jones Kelly II, Mr.O as well as trusted co-writer A.W. Nine.

Hank Von Hell has done an extensive touring following his comeback in 2018, each night showcasing his charismatic stage presence, explicit banter and eagerness to make out with pretty much everyone.

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