Hands Off Gretel // The Angry EP // EP Review

Fronting the band, Lauren Tate is not one that shies away from hard work, following her writing both of the band’s albums as well as releasing and touring a solo album in 2019 on her own record label. Throw on top of that the Tate does the artwork and merch for the band along with the creative side of the videos, Tate appears to love what she does and being in control of her destiny, and now we have a new EP made up from three tracks that the band have been asked to release by the fans and who are Hands Off Gretel to deny their wishes.

Opening with ‘She Thinks She’s Punk Rock N Roll’, the Pop Punk is high tempo and full of angst with catchy lyrics that most people can relate to, as they are the person that is being accused of thinking they’re being Punk Rock N Roll, in such a judgemental society we live in. The short offering is the perfect opening to the EP and gets sets the tone perfectly.

Following up with ‘Don’t Touch’ which has a very bass-heavy sound as the strings are hammered away, the guitar supports the Pop Punk feel, whilst the vocal is a tone and feels like it is from a time quite a few years ago. The Punk feel is still very much alive though as Tate gets aggressive with her delivery. 

Closing the EP is ‘Bigger Than Me’ a slower and more emotional sounding track, that will again resonate with many listeners. It is full of emotion and I am sure that it will make for uncomfortable listening to some with the subject matter, but it is important that this is bought to the fore. 

The overall feeling of the EP is that of a whistle-stop tour of everything that Hands Off Gretel are all about, yes they have that fun Pop Punk vibe, yet are not shying away from important topics that need to be raised and stamped out. 


Ed Ford


The Angry EP is released March 6th via Puke Pop Records

Track List

She Thinks She’s Punk Rock N Roll

Don’t Touch

Bigger Thank Me



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