Hands Like Houses // Self Titled // EP Review
Hands Like Houses // Self Titled // EP Review 10
Hands Like Houses // Self Titled // EP Review 10
Hands Like Houses // Self Titled // EP Review 10
Hands Like Houses // Self Titled // EP Review 10
Hands Like Houses // Self Titled // EP Review 10
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One of Australia’s finest exports Hands Like Houses just dropped a pretty special Self-titled EP today in the form of a five-track banger! Vastly experienced Hands Like Houses know how to make an impact with a recording and this EP is no different with five in your face, banging tracks. 

The EP kicks off with the single ‘The Water’ and right from the off you just know it is going to be steeped in quality, the production is flawless and the blend of easy on the ear melodies and vocal delivery drive home why these guys have racked up a huge fanbase on both sides of the pond. If you are not up shaking you ass by the time that chorus kicks in you’re just dead inside!

‘Space’ carries off where the previous track left off, booooommmm and you’re right into it, With another gargantuan sing-along chorus you can’t help but warble along as best you can whilst not destroying the integrity these guys have put into the recording, I like the way the guys mix it up breaking down the tracks giving their audience and musical rollercoaster of a ride even within the confinements of a five-track EP. Well played ladies. 

‘Dangerous’ picks up the tempo massively with a hefty and frantic paced number to keep the energy levels up and off the charts and if you’re not up shaking yo booty by now then there is no hope for you. ‘Stranger’ is the penultimate track on the EP and has a darkly vibe to it with its pulsating rhythm to it, and finally, we get to the conclusion of this little beauty. 

‘Wired’ wraps up proceedings and is worthy of its name as it leaves you feeling “wired’ and ready for more, that would be my only complaint, five tracks do leave you begging for more! Naughty, naughty Hands Like Houses, how very dare you, with this Ferrero-Roche you are not spoiling us! 

But alas back to reality, this five-track EP is the best thing I’ve heard all week, and if you have not yet had the pleasure of Hands Like Houses I would highly recommend dipping your toes into its shallow waters. You’ll not regret it. 


Hands Like Houses is Out now via UNFD



1. The Water

2. Space

3. Dangerous

4. Stranger

5. Wired



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