Halestorm // In This Moment // New Years Day // Live Review // SSE Hydro // Glasgow
Halestorm // In This Moment // New Years Day // Live Review // SSE Hydro // Glasgow
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A night at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow consisting of three female-fronted bands that certainly did not disappoint.

Kicking things off was Anaheim, California rockers New Years Day. It’s the opening bands job to get the crowd warmed up and pumping for the evening and New Years Day certainly did not fail to deliver.

Singer and frontwoman Ash Costello mentioned that this tour has been the largest crowds that they have played for, which for me, is hard to believe. This is a band that has been around for over a decade, though with numerous line-up changes. But going solely on this performance it’s hard to believe that they are not bigger than what they are.

Playing a set of only thirty minutes to get the crowd heated up, they made every minute count and Costello looked like she not only belonged on a large stage but owned it.

Playing a set consisting of their well-known songs such as “Kill Or Be Killed”, “Skeletons” and “Scream”. They also managed to throw in a cover of Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile”, which went down well with the crowd.

A short, but solid set by a band that certainly got the audience pumping and ready for what was to come next.


After a break of about twenty-five minutes the lights went down and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” played through the speakers with the crowd singing along in harmony. The curtain drops and In This Moment take to the stage to a huge pop from the audience. One member is missing. Frontwoman Maria Brink. Two women in masks are standing in front of a tent on the stage which then opens and Brink, also in a mask emerges from it and go into their first song of the evening. A cover of Steve Miller Bands “Fly Like An Eagle”, which was then followed by “River Of Fire”.

What followed was a very theatrical set which consisted of a number of costume changes and Brink accompanied by two dancers. A set which I enjoyed, but also at the same time, felt a little disappointed. The reason being the amount of theatrics really cut into the number of songs that could have been played and considering the time the band were allotted, which was twice that of New Years Day, they played about the same number of songs. Now I love theatrics and a good stage show but would have preferred it to have been done in a way that didn’t sacrifice a number of the great songs from the band’s catalogue that could have been performed.


Up next were the headliners, Halestorm. I got to see them perform last year in Belfast’s Telegraph building so I had a pretty good idea on what to expect from the band and from one of the best and most powerful female voices in rock.

The band took to the stage and right from the get-go had the crowd relentlessly in the palm of their hands and for the next ninety minutes held the audience right there and not once, letting go.

Playing a really well laid out and balanced set of songs from their current offering “Vicious”, as well as a good selection of songs throughout their over decade long career, the set flowed flawlessly and the band never put a foot wrong the entire show.

Part of the way through the set Lzzy and lead guitarist Joe Hottinger took their leave from the stage leaving bass player Josh Smith And Lzzy’s little brother, drummer Arejay Hale on stage to do their thing. Going back and forth with each other on their chosen instruments before Hottinger left the stage to let Arejay have a little fun with the crowd with a brilliant drum solo which included his super large drum sticks.

One of the highlights of the night came during the encore which saw Lzzy sitting at a keyboard and slowing things down and playing “Dear Daughter” before blending it into a cover of the Dolly Parton classic made famous by Whitney Houston, “I Will Always Love You”. Here is where Lzzy Hale got to show what she can really do with her voice, reaching every note flawlessly and showing just how much of a range her vocals really have.

Following that she was joined on stage again by the rest of the band to play “Here’s To Us”, “She Won’t Mind”, and then turning things up a notch and finishing with “I Miss The Misery”.

A great night of ass-kicking rock music that showed that women can do it just as good as the guys.



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