Haken // Virus // Album Review
Haken // Virus // Album Review 9
Haken // Virus // Album Review 9
Haken // Virus // Album Review 9
Haken // Virus // Album Review 9
Haken // Virus // Album Review 9
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Haken one of the UK’s finest Prog-Rock acts releases their latest offering Virus on Friday, June 5th.

The opening track of the album ‘Prosthetic’ hits you like machine-gun fire and immediately grabs your attention from the off, blistering riffage, pounding drum patterns and intriguing vocals all make for an intense start to the album. ‘Invasion’ carries on with the beautifully delivered riffs, pulsating, and enigmatic you can’t help but be pulled in by the majestic delivery.

We were fortunate to catch Haken live in person back in December supporting Devin Townsend during his Empath World Tour and they are mighty impressive up live and in person. The album does not disappoint in any shape or form, it just drives home the quality within the band and the technical ability and strength of their songwriting just seem more cohesive and powerful due to the sublime production. You get to enjoy every subtly and nuance that Haken has poured into this fine recording, you are pulled from limb to limb throughout on this epic roller coaster ride, thundering riffage tossed at you at every twist and turn, peaks and valleys at every turn you won’t know which way is up but that is the beauty of perfectly delivered Prog.

You will feel batter and bruised by this behemoth sounding production but I tell you it will be worth every single blow, the fusion between intricate and delicately delivered vocals in-between the hefty riffage has to be admired. It creates this crazy-beautiful landscape in which to totally lose yourself and simply give in to the chaos that is Haken and that is Virus. 

Continuing on an upward trend, Haken has produced a stunning album packed with quality from start to finish, beautifully produced so you can fully immerse yourself in this wholeheartedly. 


Virus is released June 5th Via Inside Out Music






04.The Strain

05.Canary Yellow

06.Messiah Complex i: Ivory Tower

07.Messiah Complex ii: A Glutton for Punishment

08.Messiah Complex iii: Marigold

09.Messiah Complex iv: The Sect

10.Messiah Complex v: Ectobius Rex

11.Only Stars

HAKEN are:

Ross Jennings

Richard Henshall

Charlie Griffiths

Diego Tejeida

Conner Green

Ray Hearne


HAKEN online:



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