Hailey Whitters // Raised // Album Review


Having self-funded her debut release The Dream in 2020, Hailey Whitters releases her follow up album, just after performing at Country 2 Country festival and in the middle of a headline US  tour. The Nashville based Grammy nominee grew up in Iowa and this is where we are transported to on Raised.

Having based the previous album on the experiences of Nashville, Whitters invites us to share her memories and although it may have been 14 years since leaving Iowa, the pull of the place and people is dragging those developmental years to the fore.

The 17 track album has a true Midwest feel to it and there is a huge nod of appreciation to the influence of The Chicks, with the heartfelt and emotional delivery that is matched by the beautifully composed music.

If you listen to any of the Country radio stations, you are bound to have heard ‘Everything She Ain’t’ and you’ll be singing along with a song that has most likely been stuck in your head every time you’ve heard it before. The great thing now is that you have a number of other tracks that will have the same result!

Switching between the quicker paced and slower more emotive tracks does not affect how much you get hooked by the songs. Each track seems relatable and the way that they grab you, really makes them feel like they have been written about you and your experiences. This isn’t detracting from what Whitters has experienced, more of a testament to real music that talks to you and connects with the listener.

On ‘Middle Of America’ Whitters is joined by American Aquarium for a boot-stomping track that has a hint of Southern influence but is a certain future anthem.

I sometimes wonder when it is an acceptable time to acknowledge just how big an artist is and how much of an impact that they can and are having on a genre. What’s not for debate is that Hailey Whitters has the quality to be at the top for a very long time.

The way that the music engages and keeps hold of you is a sign of real greatness and this album needs to be heard by any fan of Country music.

Raised is a triumph in every possible way.


Raised will be released March 18th 2022 via Pegasus Records/Songs & Daughters/Big Loud Records

Ed Ford

Track list


1) Ad Astra Per Alas Porci

2) Raised

3) Everything She Ain’t

4) Big Family

5) Middle Of America (feat. American Aquarium)

6) Plain Jane

7) College Town

8) Interlude

9) Boys Back Home

10) Everybody Oughta

11) Pretty Boy

12) The Neon

13) The Grassman

14) Our Grass Is Legal

15) Beer Tastes Better

16) In A Field Somewhere

17) Ad Astra Per Alas Porci (Reprise)






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